We all know what feels like to be in a low vibe, while being positive feels exquisite. However, putting pressure on ourselves to shift into a higher vibration if we don’t feel that way can make us feel even worse. Often when we want to shift into the positive, it makes it all too clear that we aren’t there! Even worse, when people label low moods as bad or negative, this can lead to a double whammy of feeling bad for feeling bad. All that does is highlight how low we actually are.

If we are feeling low on the vibrational scale, it won’t work to just magically wish we were more positive. First, we must recognize where we are at the moment and honor the space we are in—no matter where we are on the vibrational scale—rather than wishing any low vibes away.

In Ask and It is Given, Esther and Jerry Hicks clarify how we can assess and adjust our vibrational frequency by looking at our emotional guidance scale. If we are low in vibration, we will experience feelings such as anger, guilt, fear or shame. Feelings on the mid-vibrational scale are boredom, pessimism or overwhelm. When we are on a high vibrational frequency, we experience feelings such as joy, passion and love.

Obviously, we don’t like to feel low. We want to stay positive and we want to stay in action. But there’s nothing wrong or bad about any feelings in and of themselves. It’s important that we honor all the feelings and discover the lessons they offer.

Daily practices such as writing and meditation help us honor where we are and help us gently adjust our vibrational frequencies so we may shift our state of being to one that feels better.

Try the following writing practice each morning before starting your day: First, take five to 10 minutes to free-write anything that is on your mind, is weighing on you or that you can’t sort out. As you write, the pressure will be cleared from your body and mind. You may find some clarity on a specific action to take that will release the heaviness or weight, and you can jot these thoughts down as well. This will bring a sense of clarity and freedom.

Second, write things that are going well and for which you are grateful. They may not be going 100% perfectly, but they may be one step further in your chosen direction. Cultivating the grateful feelings through writing helps them grow in our body, mind and heart. You will be more open to receiving when this gratitude is present. You will find an extended version of this writing practice in the book Green Your Heart, Green Your World.

To build a daily habit of meditation, try the free “21-Day Manifesting Experience,” which can be accessed at  Facebook.com/groups/21-daymanifestingexperience. Each month has a different theme with corresponding mindset meditations and mantras. February’s theme is “Love All Ways.”

 Elizabeth B. Hill, MSW, ACC, is the founder of Green Heart Living and the author of Green Your Heart, Green Your World: Avoid Burnout, Save the World and Love Your Life. Her book Love Notes: Daily Wisdom for the Soulwill be released February 14. Access free mindfulness resources and other soul-healing goodness at GreenHeartLiving.com. 

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