The media barrages women with message after message about how to remain vibrant and healthy as they age. Often this advice is touted as “natural” and “organic,” even though it’s clear that the often-costly treatments are neither. Yes, we all age, but we can age with grace.

Much of what we perceive as aging and the failure of our bodies to remain “young” is actually the natural course of our wellness journey. But rather than hide or replace these “badges” of experience and knowledge, you can make some small changes in your daily environment that will aid your body in remaining youthful throughout your life, via nourishment and removal of toxins.

Clip out this handy list and check under your sinks and in your medicine cabinets for some of these covert aging agents—and consider removing them altogether:

Deodorant: Does yours still have aluminum? Toxic chemicals? Try a salt crystal or essential oils in distilled water or, better yet, none. Our body is our largest organ and if it has an odor, it could be a warning sign that there is something wrong that needs to be addressed.

Hair dye:There are natural options, or, better yet, go natural. We live in a time where going grey is considered so cool that models in their 20s are dyeing their hair to achieve the look! Some of us are lucky enough to come by it naturally.

Laundry soap and softeners:Most are full of heavy perfumes and fillers, so read labels carefully.

Air fresheners: These are heavy in chemical perfumes and dyes, so why not try a diffuser with essential oils instead?

Gluten and other grains that are hard to digest:They cause joint issues and increase pain—a sure sign of the aging process getting away from us.

Processed sugar:Sugar is a neurotoxin that amplifies pain, especially in the joints. Remember: you’re only as young as your joints feels, so toss out the processed sugar now.

Natural flavorings: “Natural” flavorings are disguised chemicals. Try a diet of whole, clean foods instead.

Dyes:Avoid food with added color, especially fish. Go for fresh-caught and/or fresh frozen rather than farmed.

Let’s not forget the “to-do” list—here are some small additions to your daily routine that will keep you young at heart no matter what your age:

Movement:Walking, yoga, dance or Tai Chi are all fun ways to keep your body moving and your muscles flexible.

Meditation: Calming your system will roll back the clock.

Conscious breathing:Deep breathing also calms and nourishes the body.

Nourishment:Organic and, if possible, locally grown fruits, vegetables, meats and honey or maple syrup will fuel your body with energy to keep it moving.

Healing: Find a naturopath, hands-on healer, massage therapist or acupuncturist you trust.

We all have options, some good, some not. We need to remember we are worth every effort to be healthy and happy. Vibrancy isn’t just for the young, it’s for everyone. If you’re not feeling vibrant right now, what can you do to enhance your body, mind and spirit?

Robin Barros is the founder of Spirit of the Lotus in Columbia, CT. She is a hands-on healer, medical intuitive, shaman, medium and spiritually guided coach, as well as being an Advanced Soul Coach, Advance Past Life Coach and holographic sound healer. Appointments can be made by calling 860-709-3903.

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