One of humanity’s greatest assets, intrinsic rights, is health. A healthy individual reflects their environment, and vice versa. The role of health care and medicine must be to facilitate health for all, from the inside, out, and in the world’s most privileged nation, we expect to see this. Yet, despite the many amazing advances in the field, why are we seeing the opposite? Added to increased dis-ease within the nation, even dedicated practitioners and administrators themselves are becoming ill, dis-satisfied, burnt-out, afraid, stressed and more, causing many to quit. Not everything can be blamed on COVID-19 or the pandemic. The growing cancer outside mirrors that within the system which can no longer be ignored or excused.

Where the pursuit of material wealth is placed above health and well-being of humanity, health becomes compromised. Until the root causes are addressed, it merely deteriorates. The controlling authority of a highly established system driven by personal profits, greed, power, ignorance and separation, forces choices upon the wonderful “pillars of health” they employ, often life-altering. can only occur from the inside.

Can these “upholders of health” do what is right when they themselves are breaking? Not easy, but essential, both personally and collectively. Health begins within, through introspection and questioning. Such questions bring us as individuals to accountability.

  • “Can I make it better? If so, how?”
  • “Am I doing all that I know I must?”
  • “Do I value my health and happiness?”
  • “Is my action benefiting or harming humanity?”
  • “Where do my choices come from: serving humanity’s well-being, personal security, gain, fear, martyrdom?”
  • “Am I being true to myself?”
  • “Which authority do I serve?”

Good health means balancing the three main bodies: mind, body and spirit (emotional, mental, physical, environmental and spiritual). Until then, health remains elusive. Feeling trapped, personal obligations etc., are but excuses. Contrary to conventional thought, it is the sole responsibility of every adult individual to choose the course of their life, including health. A deeper look at our world sheds light on this.

Humanity’s world has shifted. The lower frequencies of separation and materialism—such as ego, ignorance, greed, lies, injustices, inequalities, fear, toxic, dis-empowerment and dominance—cannot be sustained. In transitioning into a new vibration of spirit, oneness, love, human beings receive opportunities to reconnect, review and choose what’s real, true and precious, through life-changing choices. We can be co-creators of a beautiful new world or remain mired in what is fear, separation and the comfort zone of what’s “known.”

Taking responsibility, healing, balancing and empowering the self is our point of power; all healing and change begins within. To find better, we must create better, and things founded within the higher vibrations of oneness, truth and spirit. This is the choice for humanity today, collectively and individually. Which plane of vibrations do we choose to empower? The choices tell the story. Everyday opportunities are presented for personal choice. Only sound principles and integrity will hold. All else will see ultimate destruction and demise. We each must make our choice alone, for ultimately, we are answerable to self and so must take 100% responsibility for everything in our lives.

Humanity’s world is at a huge crossroad; the way forward to better will be forged with each courageous choice to harness that precious, innate supreme consciousness to follow what is right; what serves the good of all of humanity; and what resonates with that beautiful, all-powerful spirit within each and every human being, realized or un-realized.

Every human being can access this supreme power within. The more we heed the inner voice of spirit, the clearer become the directions, aligning us with universal consciousness. Total honesty is required to discern which authority we serve: the material, earthly “supposed authority”, or the supreme authority of spirit. Courage and will must be harnessed to do so.

The universe might not make it easy, but it most certainly honors those who honor themselves. Slowly, each one of us becomes a beacon for others, leading by example, courageously shining the light of truth and committing to it. Going against the herd is often challenging and lonely, as we face ostracization, but truth is the direction all are urged to take. In life, we each bring something valuable. No experience lies wasted when we choose to learn and grow from it. Wherever we are, it is for a reason. Turning the obstacle into opportunity is our individual choice, while discerning what to keep and what to let go. This wisdom, along with the courage to make the right, honorable choices that serve the good and empowerment of all humanity, are one by one, what will lay the foundation of new, beautiful, healthy systems.

Certainly, huge challenges lie ahead. What has been familiar for decades cannot be transformed overnight; tough choices are inevitable. As outlined, deep introspection must accompany nurturing and healing of self, balancing our lives, without apology, guilt, resentment, regret or ego, seeing to the whole in a holistic approach of mind, body and spirit. Letting go of all emotional and mental baggage, while taking total responsibility for our role in everything in life. We need to move away from the “blame game” and forgiveness of all others including ourselves is essential. This review strengthens the person, enabling us to embrace our higher self.

As human beings, we must live our life experiences, answering ultimately to ourselves. In serving others, respecting their experience is crucial as each has their own path as well as inner guidance. Is our desire to help dis-empowering another? Is their experience for growth being taken away? Such choices are karmically detrimental to both. They might seem tough decisions, appearing to go against the grain of what we are familiar with, but a higher frequency world will demand a person’s strength, not their weakness. Life is the place to develop that. Unconditional love demands it.

Acknowledging our vulnerabilities, fears and anxieties are essential to harnessing the will to overcome them. The fine line of serving self or humanity must be fully understood. The individual looks outward to see what is, what needs correction, then goes inward to make the changes in self, for the outside world faithfully reflects what is hidden within oneself. Humanity’s purpose is to serve the whole and make it enlightened; therefore, the individual must first become whole and enlightened, and regardless of where or what, make choices that serve the highest good of all.

Clearing baggage within emotional and mental bodies, rising above ego, and trust in spirit and oneness are essential in holding the finer frequencies of the 5thdimension. Every human being is present in today’s world to assist in raising it to the enlightened state, drawing on their own highest potential and, through harmony, bring light to all. One individual harnessing light becomes the beacon for others, causing a domino effect. No one is alone. Humanity is being urged to embrace the higher self while facing all eventualities. A glorious world is within sight and quite reachable; every moment the opportunity must be seized. Any lesser vision is not worthy of our attention, and only aids in a downward spiral. Every event is an opportunity to release the ignorant, fearful, dis-empowered ego body and embrace the “GodSelf” in oneness.

Annaita Gandhy, a spiritual guide in Middletown, Conn., conducts meditations, workshops and classes for healing and empowerment. Connect at and

Photo: Photo by Chik Shank/Shank Design