It is said that Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So many of us suffer needlessly because we get stuck in our habits and perceptions and don’t realize there are healthy alternatives.

One solution? The Energy Exchange Evolution, a term I coined to describe the process of transforming ourselves by learning to give and receive in healing, empowering, and loving ways. We can CHOOSE to be mindful and respond to life’s circumstances in new ways that elicit greater happiness and quality of life, with deep gratitude for all. Gratitude even for those people, places and circumstances that prickle us… ESPECIALLY those, for they have much to teach us. The evolution extends to our thoughts, words, deeds, emotions and choices.

Everything is energy, including breath, thoughts, and nature. With every interaction there is an energy exchange in which we choose our response, either tapping into life’s flow or depleting the supply (and our holistic health with it). As if choreographing a dance, we have the ability to determine our next step and where we wish to cultivate awareness and share (exchange) our energy.

The decision to have a mindful exchange of energy is based on love rather than fear. It helps us evolve from resistance, feeling deflated or mired in defeat, to feeling empowered and uplifted. There are uncomplicated, effective methods to evolve in this way. Simply deep breathing has positive physiological effects, and enhances our heart’s inner guidance. From that space we ask empowering questions and act upon them in a way that honors our integrity and beliefs, expressing the truth of who we are. Instead of reengaging in patterns that are depleting, we create ones that help activate and integrate healing, assimilating those changes into our breath, movement, and life.

The Energy Exchange Evolution applies to any form of     energy exchanged for another. When an effort to exchange energy (e.g.: in relationships with money, intimacy, career, self-care…) is met with our own or another’s resistance, rather than acknowledgment, the evolution fails to occur. Ever had a dear friendship that took an unexpected twist? The pain and disappointment of abandonment or betrayal feels like our spirit has been crushed by a hit-and-run driver, resulting in anguish, resentment, and anger. In an attempt to shield our vulnerability and avoid a repeat scenario we put up walls, denying further access to our hearts. In so doing, however, we create a continual energy drain that stunts our emotional growth. Playing it safe, putting trust in an energetic vault, isolates us from what we desire most: to love and be loved.

The concept of energy exchange, and recognizing we choose our responses, provides the same transformative opportunity for any emotion. With awareness and intent, we can deeply impact our own, and other’s, lives by responding with appreciation and gratitude rather than anger, revenge or frustration. Choosing love can have a positive rippling effect, beginning with something as simple as one random act of kindness. How different is the feeling (and outcome) when sharing your dreams is met with non-response or dismissal from when someone who may not even have an interest that parallels your own encourages you to follow your passion and trust in yourself? Or when you do the same for them?

Heart-felt participation in the Energy Exchange Evolution evokes the power of love. Healing arts can supplement our choices by enhancing awareness, clarity, and aliveness. They help activate and integrate the transformation (evolution) from energy exchanges that drain to those that empower so we can create and sustain healthier relationships and explore our highest potential. With practice, we learn to materialize our desires with progressive, creative, optimistic energy. We then exchange these empowering forms of energy to navigate challenges, create adventures, and manifest dreams. Each healing art provides a component for integrating our new perspective in order to live more authentic, joyous, and healthy lives.

I have had decades of experience in healing arts. Among the modalities I practice are Reiki, Holistic Coaching, Meditation, Angel Readings, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Reiki helps to welcome happiness into our lives. The interchange of healing energy awakens us to the unlimited symbiotic connections between everyone and everything. Holistic Coaching teaches us to evolve from perceptions and instinctive reactions which mirror negative energy. We can then become the observer to recognize the gift of understanding how what was said or done was for us, rather than to us.

Meditation heightens awareness and guides us to release habits of taking life’s challenges and unexpected turns personally. Mindful breathing helps us connect with clarity and shift to perceptions that heal, evoking questions like “What can I be, do, or have that honors the truth of who I am?” With playful support and gentle guidance, Angel Readings can inspire visions of a more pleasurable future and fulfilling relationships. Because releasing what exhausts or binds our energy is a key aspect of evolution, EFT combines meridian tapping with transformative language to liberate hurt, fear or other draining emotions so we can welcome the tenderness we desire.

Thought by thought, action by action, person by person, group by group, and country by country- together, we create world-wide transformation when we realize our energy exchanges, great and small, are what unite us in achieving a more loving and blissful future. With active participation in the Energy Exchange Evolution through the healing arts, I have been able to meet challenges of the economy, elder care, job loss, rising costs of food, shelter, transportation and being an entrepreneur with gratitude and success. I hope you will CHOOSE to join me in this Evolution toward a world where we can all think and live progressively, creatively, constructively, and optimistically.

Diane Esposito is an Intuitive healing arts practitioner and owner of Personal Harmony and Health, LLC in Wallingford, Connecticut. Contact her at 203-913-3869 or