Therapy is a wonderful way to help someone to understand past traumas, disappointment, and difficulties, to be brought to light. Working with someone on the personality level is wonderful and helpful but collaborating with a person on the soul level can be life changing.

Soul healing is a way to connect with a clients’ ancestors, dreams, past contracts and purpose. When we collaborate with the soul essence of a patient, we are collaborating with the person, through time and space and not what they came in to work on as a person, but why they incarnated on earth as a soul. There are different modalities that will fall under soul healing. A shaman, Reiki healer, chi gongexpert or highly skilled astrologer. Dealing with the mind, body and spirit are important for healing.

After the COVID-19 quarantining, people have been going deeper into their own inner darkness or light. The fear of getting ill made people start to think about their bodies. The mind was directed to be reckoned with as anxiety and depression has skyrocketed during this pandemic. The spirit, the energetic energy within, was activated by the pandemic as there was a real risk of death. In clients, their spirit can also be a guiding force in life and must be cultivated in soul healing.

The word corona in Spanish means crown. In ways, the crown chakra was stimulated to grow worldwide during the coronavirus. The quiet of isolation, fear of health trauma and quarantine forced people to go within and stay there. When employees moved back home from working in the office due to COVID-19, people became more innovative, creating their personal spaces and a home and work life. When we begin to create our personal space, we can be nudged to create our purpose and passion.

The crown chakra is at the top of our head. It receives downloads from the Universe. In Hinduism, where the name chakra, or wheel, comes from, the crown chakra awakens to help to connect to why someone’s soul is here to work on. An open crown looks like a halo, like around an angel or buddha. Sometimes through trauma and crisis, the crown chakra opens wide. When our crown chakra is open, it will give us downloads from the Universe about next steps on our soul’s path. Soul healing can navigate that path.

Quiet time, meditation, contemplation and soul searching will begin. On some level, people know they are here on Earth for a reason. Sometimes trauma and tragedies drive clients to look deeper within their hearts. When we ask the Universe for information about a horrific trauma, car accident or abuse, we can receive downloads to move on our path. When this crown chakra is stimulated, we begin to look for reasons as to why certain things happen, and what are your next steps in life. Why is this happening? Why am I here? Various soul therapies can help us reveal the answer.

After December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, the Aquarian Age allegedly began. The Aquarian age is a lengthy period, maybe hundreds of years; 2012 has been noted to be “the end of times,” which has been violently portrayed in the movies. The end of times can also be the “end of times” as we know them. It is also the age of a new cycle. The end of the Piscean age and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. It is really the age of certain religions being challenged and looked at from different perspectives. The darkness has been revealed and others who felt under control are starting to create their own path.

The new spirituality is the way people find their inner light start searching for their own spirituality. Soul healing must keep up with clients moving into becoming aware of their souls. Therefore, so many meditation centers and meditation apps have been coming out. When people go inward, they create different outcomes outward. This is a lengthy process of coming out of the Piscean age, that of the Aquarian age is the age of creation, co-creation with the Universe. This is the time as souls we are supposed to create relationships, health, careers and purpose consciously. How is that done?

1. Watch our thoughts? Thoughts are energy vectors of intention that go out to the world and attract various outcomes. Thoughts like the Bible says, ‘are deeds.’ So consciously creating is to watch our thoughts. Meditation will assist with that.

2. Watch our words as they are the second step of creation. What we speak about, we bring about. We say things so randomly and carelessly and forget that we are creating the energy of form on earth.

3. Honor our intuition and insights. This is our spirit guiding us and inspiring us to move on a more spiritual path. Our spirit’s language is intuition; when we trust it, we are communing with your soul.

4. Write down dreams and wishes. This brings thoughts of inspirations from the spiritual world into the physical world. Writing makes ideas more real. Write uses our hand chakras, which are part of the creation process.

5.  Pray and focus our energy into supporting our creative process. This is planting our seeds into the earth, and onto the earth where they will grow.

6. Release and let go of the outcome of the process. When we create, we practice in becoming neutral to the outcome. Co-creating with the Universe is letting the higher consciousness, the higher outcome, to arise. Usually, it correlates to something we also want.

As souls are moving into co-creating and arising to their highest potential and clearing their own karma, healing for clients’ souls is imperative for evolution and meeting where the clients is. The personality alone will not be healed. It is like putting a band aid on a large gaping wound. The next steps in therapy are healing someone’s soul and working with other healing modalities collaboratively to assist on their journey.

Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW is a psychotherapist, intuitive and healing, at Conscious Creations, a meditation and healing center. Connect at or

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