As fall comes upon us, it is interesting to see the cycles of nature. The chill is strong, the darkness comes earlier, forcing us to go within our homes and within our mind. Our soul also goes through cycles. The more you pay attention to the soul cycles, the easier you can go through life understanding the hills and valleys of existence on earth. There are times to grow and learn and endure and times to let go.

One immensely powerful time is something called the Saturn return. When the planet Saturn enters your birth chart, it is in the same position it was when you were born. Saturn is the planet of life lessons, the task master and maturity; it is time to “grow up.” Saturn comes in when you are 29.5 and stays until about 31. At about 28 years, you may start to feel this restlessness in your spirit. There will be problems with work, relationships, purpose and/or health. Saturn beckons you to make choices from your heart and not your mind.

Ironically, Saturn brings up what is hidden; why is your soul here on earth? The full moon also cycles in 29.5-day durations. This happens every month as opposed to when you turn 28. Even the moon card in the Tarot is examining what is hidden and buried underneath. Some people during this spiritual cycle may be thinking they are going crazy. The energy of Saturn is so intense that is pushes people into therapy in a positive way while drugs or various addictions, and depression may surface for the negative. If they knew it as a natural “crazy” cycle, like the terrible two’s for toddlers, it could relieve a lot of these intense emotions.

The word lunatic comes from the word lunar. The moon, when it is full, pulls the waves back and forth; when someone has a chemical imbalance, the strength of the moon cycle can make them feel wobbly. Since humans are 70% water, an emotionally unbalanced person can feel this pull of a chemical imbalance at these times. Seeing the image of thewerewolf howling during the full moon replicates a mentally unstable person howling from their inner pain.

It is also fascinating that women have 13 periods a year and there are 13 full moons. Women are connected to the cosmos. The cosmos create new energies and women can create a new life. During women’s periods, there is a taunt that women have PMS. Can it be looked at what is hidden will be revealed? Why is it also that thirteen is such a negative number. As the number of the divine feminine, could it be that there was a way to not honor women’s cycles with the moon. The word moon means menses. Anyone who works in a hospital knows that there are more births during a full moon and there are more psych holds during the full moon. The power of the moon on the water in the body can be seen and witnessed.

Another profound cycle is the lunar return. The lunar return comes at age 54. Observing the actor Will Smith, who lost it at the Oscars, at age 53 right before his lunar return, is not surprising. Emotional pain that was buried, like experiencing childhood household domestic violence and unprocessed trauma, came out publicly. Remember the moon cycle Luna will reveal what is hidden. It almost forces it out to be played on a public stage of life. His was on the public stage at the Oscars.

The Chiron return, which happens at age 49-51, is the “time of the wounded healer.” Painful wounds will resurface on a deep level. A palpable hurt or pain can show up in your chakras. It is tricky because with women, menopause may also be looming, which mirrors this cycle. Depression, hot flashes, body changes and regrets from the past will surface before and after that fiftieth birthday. If people do not listen to the emotional issue of what they feel, they have not accomplished they could miss their soul calling out to them in this spiritual school called earth. What was the curriculum they were to learn here? The combination of the physical and emotional issues will also trigger a deep soul response. If you know a soul cycle is coming up, you can approach therapy in a deeper profound way.

The second Saturn return is at 58.5 to 61. You feel the window of this Saturn throughout the mid-fifties. The 2ndSaturn really teaches you again what lessons you have not looked at and what unresolved wounds you have not addressed. It is why many people seek therapy or may start an addiction as painful experiences will come up to be reckoned with. Usually, the issues from the first Saturn will play up again but in a more heightened way. The universe is saying what have you not finished the first time. There is no looking away this time as the energy is more intense. This is beyond the mid-life crisis as the feeling of a wall around avoiding issues can be felt. Financial, health, job and issues will loom very strongly. Retreats, Reiki healing and new dietary choices may be sought after to heal these wounds. It may correlate with an empty-nest syndrome, which also gives you the time and space to dig deep on your soul’s journey.

Becoming aware of your soul cycles can help you read your life more like a manual for growth. Preparing and noticing cycles is like your “check engine” light coming on in your car. If you go into the mechanic with an awareness what issues in your car are due to be looked at, there is less likely that a tricky mechanic will bamboozle you. Acknowledging soul cycles, you have more spiritual ammunition to focus on this time in therapy. You will look at the shadow or deeper sides of issues through a spiritual lens knowing this is part of your curriculum on the earth school to dive deep into healing.

Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW is a psychotherapist, intuitive and healing, at Conscious Creations, a meditation and healing center. Connect at or

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