When you remember to ask yourself what is most important to you, it is the perfect time to close your eyes and take a gentle, deep breath into your heart and let that breath open a pathway to your intuition. The habit of checking in with yourself actually returns you to “being” in tune with your own needs and desires and your divine calling, purpose and passions—that is, if you
pause to hear the answer. This is when your spiritual being is consciously united to your
physical experience.

Without a process to release fear-based emotional guarding, attack and defensiveness from your thoughts, words and actions or inactions, this connection would be unattainable.

However, when you recognize the gift of acknowledging your fears as a first step in understanding and releasing them, you unlock the door to inspired living. You may effectively access any fear-based beliefs, perceptions or boundaries that are in need of reframing or release them through healing arts such as meditation, holistic coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). With experienced practitioners and self-practice, these tools help you see into yourself and allow you to be in touch with what matters most, along with what you fear and love.

You may begin to notice if there is a divine spark of unconditional love in your gaze, healing music in your heart, and a playful dance in your step that engage you with enjoying life, love and creator (God). If so, would you like to expand the joy? If not, what if you could feel this way? When you are united to resourceful energy—to a higher power, many of you may feel at peace, loving and loved.

What if you choose to “love your fears” into inspired actions and joy-filled living? For example, you may fear rejection, yet choose to express your interest in something or someone anyway. When you see fear simply as a reminder to pay attention and act with discernment, you experience the benefits of taking inspired action. If you have not yet explored this playful pathway to inspired living, perhaps now is the time to expand your comfort zone.

When you develop clarity of mind, heart and living through the habit of seeing into yourself, this allows you to create healthy relationships with yourself and others. Clarity, in this case, means what you hear and the heightened level of presence you attain while listening as well as what you see and pay attention to with each personal encounter. Whether you are simply in the presence of self, others or nature, you may choose to be mindfully present.

Even when you engage your imagination with heightened awareness—such as experiencing the sun’s warmth on your cheeks or the tingling of cool water washing over your skin, this
helps you to be in the moment and unleash joy.

Every aspect of life and of self we choose to treasure is what makes life worth living. These choices help us value and show up for ourselves every day! When something or someone is truly important to us, we acknowledge that belief when we devote time to daily actions that meaningfully address those things and people. When we remember to ask: “What actions or steps help us support that which is most important to us?”—we mindfully, joyfully choose to take those steps.

The way you perceive and treat yourself teaches others how to treat you and is often reflected in the way others relate to themselves. With this awareness, you can then choose to be effectively responsible for empowering yourself to be in your own integrity. Simply by being in your presence, others may also be prompted to enjoy inspired living.

When you value making and keeping healthy agreements, the healing process continues with empowering questions and uplifting statements. Gratitude for the support, guidance and wisdom you receive helps you release attachment to the outcome.

How many of you have invested the time to identify the seven keys to inspired living that speak to you?

Remember you have the choice to:

Make healthy agreements and keep them

Ask empowering questions

Pause to mindfully listen to the answers

Engage the help of the appropriate, experienced healing arts practitioner/s

Identify, acknowledge, understand and release your fears

Develop the daily habit of lovingly, mindfully showing up for yourself

Love and accept yourself and your humanity with gratitude and uplifting statements
You hold the keys to the Kingdom—will you turn them into Inspired Living now?

Holistic Coach Diane Esposito offers customized healing arts sessions that integrate practices such as Akashic Record and angel readings, EFT, coaching, meditation and Reiki with guided imagery, aromatherapy and more. She also offers twice monthly meditation and Angelspeake™ classes. Esposito and Personal Harmony and Health LLC can be reached at 203-913-3869 or