This interview was conducted by Richard Pearl, host of ‘Pearls of Health’ Radio Show for 20 years. Jeff Primack is a Qigong teacher, who has studied with many Qigong masters from all over the world and has taught more than 50,000 people in live seminars.


What benefits does Qi provide and HOW does it accomplish healing?

Say you’re a battery… and the Qi is the life force that keeps the battery going. When the juice inside is used up… the battery is lifeless. Qi is related to your lifespan. If people squander energy on arguing and negative pattern behavior than how can anyone increase energy? Qigong understands where people lose their energy and how to get it back. Yet, Qi imparts profound physical effects that unlock our potential.

5000 Years Ago Chinese Medicine said, “Qi Moves the Blood.

Standing still, relaxed in a Qigong posture, a person can circulate as much blood as they could running for 3 miles! Jogging releases a flood of Cortisol and negative stress hormones that close off small capillaries, but Qigong does not. There is no stress response from Qigong (it actually reduces Cortisol in studies) and the level of full body circulation is even greater. Qigong noticeably improves blood circulation, digestion etc. A pleasant heat builds in the navel center bringing a quiet confidence and power within.

Is this life force or Qi different in each person?

The Qi is one unified force. Some people have more than others. As an extreme example, say a person has enough energy that they don’t need to sleep anymore. This is a very high level of Qigong. Most people need six hours of sleep, thus indicating our limited energy situation. Qi can be replenished by using breathing techniques, meditation, fasting, prayer, sun bathing etc. It is the same spirit or Qi that moves through each person. Unity and oneness movements will take place all over the world and they will be based around Qi. It is all the same force in different amounts.

Can a person have too much Qi coursing in their body?

Qigong theory states the “Ocean of Qi” in the navel can never be filled. It has a vast reservoir allowing a lifetime of Qi to be stored. Only if it is blocked can there be too much energy. When spine and nervous system are out of alignment it is important to open meridians and do stretching routines. One cannot have too much Qi, but it can be blocked and Qigong exercises will help to open up the channels.

People with abundant Qi have a grace and power about them that attracts people. New students frequently find their skin clears up and their eyes whiten. Blood circulates better helping more toxins leave the system. The benefits to having more Qi are the same as having better blood circulation.   The PULSE of your heartbeat is the foundation of life, but Chinese medicine has a dozen different pulses that Western medicine has not yet discovered. When people do Qigong for the first time they are often surprised to see their fingers pulsate and fill up with blood. The warmth people feel in the navel is also from the increased blood flow.

You speak about euphoric “highs” that can be attained from breathing techniques. What is the value of this in practical, real-world terms?

Everyone wants to feel good. Alcohol transforms our mental state, but also destroys the liver. Qi has no side effect except making you feel full of vitality. Its highs are beyond words. Sometimes the Qi will vibrate throughout our body in such a blissful way as to feel we are being touched by God. All without chemicals or man made products that cost money. The Qi, being free, abundant and right under our nose, makes it the ultimate ally to rise above life’s obstacles.

Once you get the hang of the breathing techniques there comes the ability to have a natural high anytime. Sometimes euphoria is so profound that it can erase negative emotional patterns presently going on. The ability to drop bad Qi quickly trains the student to be without heavy emotional vibrations.

Jeff, give us a brief overview of the Qi Revolution seminar.

People generate energy in graceful qigong routines. The entire audience feels a profound electro-magnetic Qi energy in their hands. In addition to movements, Spine-tingling breathing techniques are employed: yoga, food-healing principles from naturopathic medicine and an extraordinary healing-breath-prayer circle. The seminar gives the ultimate “activation” to one’s internal energy. Once the candle has been lit (metaphor for overflowing the Dan Tien), it is easy to maintain its radiance. Simply practice Qigong. All ages and fitness levels can participate.

I practice Yoga a few times a week and find Qigong to be quite different. How is Qigong different from Yoga or other healing therapies like Acupuncture?

Qigong focuses more on your electromagnetic field. Some Qigong builds muscle or speed, but most will focus on a “Pulsation of Qi” through the arms, hands and spine. The sensation of energy is highly tangible to people, even those with a low sensitivity.  A few advanced systems of yoga, like Kriya Yoga, have striking similarities to Qigong in that they move energy directly. However, compared to most systems of Yoga, Qigong has a much greater emphasis on breathing techniques and deals with precise movements of the abdomen to circulate Qi. Hand movements are more precise with physical changes to one’s energy immediately. Rooting into the Earth and opening up pathways of energy is really the key to longevity. Yoga works with energy, but to a lesser degree and although we practice and love yoga, Qigong does what Yoga cannot. We train many thousands of yoga teachers and they are always blown away by the tangibility and power of the Qi.

Unlike Acupuncture, Qigong doesn’t use needles for treatment. However, Qigong is Self-Healing and directly affects the source of disease, which is poor blood circulation to various organs and body areas. Acupuncture is excellent for eliminating many health issues, but the fact Qigong can be done by yourself, free of charge, makes it special. Most Acupuncturists are strong believers in Qigong and some actually prescribe Qigong exercises to their patients in between treatments.

After doing your “Breath Empowerment” exercise I was actually buzzing inside! Using
scientific terms, tell us what happened physically to my body?

“The Buzz” is a reaction caused by increased levels of oxygen and negative ions that accelerate the vibration of mitochondria. Many describe the inner buzzing or vibrational feeling as a natural high. It activates the body’s natural endorphins and dopamine. This form of activation helps the blood cell structure become “rounder” and improves the health of blood cells. Bacteria and cancer thrive in an anaerobic environment (low oxygen) and therefore Qigong breathing techniques can help kill harmful microorganisms and reverse infections from candida and many types of skin breakouts caused by harmful bacteria overgrowth. Eating alkaline foods can help do this, however the breath is simply the most direct route to transform the blood. A few medical doctors have explained to me that Breath Empowerment creates a highly alkaline condition in the blood. I believe it after seeing the images of live blood cell analysis before and after doing our techniques.

Food-Healing has helped hundreds of your students reverse Asthma. This is a huge breakthrough. What lead you to the “Food-Healing” science you teach?

I was an asthmatic until my early 20’s—at that time I was looking for alternative treatment. The first study I found showed that children in Italy that consumed 5-7 servings of kiwi a week had 40 percent of less incidence of wheezing compared to children who didn’t eat kiwi. I began strictly enforcing that all my students with asthma eat 2 kiwis everyday in addition to consuming other foods and herbs. Behold it worked! I even had a few students say I gave them KIWI in their dreams! With these profound results, including other phytochemical rich foods that boost lung functions, this became one of the protocols. At the Qi Revolution seminar people get a full review of all our Food protocols that have been tested with large numbers of audience members over the last ten years.

What is special about Qigong fitness and muscular conditioning?

Qigong strength training is nurturing to Qi, unlike like many gym routines. If you have old injuries you can practice Qigong without risk of injury. We use “Holding Qi” postures like Horsestance to build the root chakra and leg strength of the body. When doing “HyperThrows” we use extreme fast followed by slow Pressing on Qi movements, which works wonders for circulatory issues and also building muscle. Yin and Yang alternating movements open arteries to expand blood flow beyond traditional exercise. Qigong breathing and movements are merged into a mildly challenging fitness routine and this Qi integration helps you recover faster and move with deeper focus.

How can you produce a 4-Day Conference like this for only $149? And tell us how GROUP ENERGY of so many people’s Qi in the room makes a difference?

Each person has a QI FIELD AROUND THEM, which is effected by energies nearby. When a few people activate their KUNDALINI a.k.a. open the spine connection between the root and crown chakras, many other people can also do it. In fact, Qigong is not only about absorbing energy from nature, it is also about activating energy already within us. It takes a major force to initiate the movement of Qi and there is nothing like a room full of people all inhaling and moving to the left at the same moment.

Why only $149 for 4-Days Qigong? Because we want the secret of Qigong Healing to get out! I know everybody is busy and life is always pulling us to do our own thing, but you can decide to CREATE TIME for yourself to raise the health of your body-spirit vehicle. Sometimes life only gives you so many chances.

“Qi Revolution” is occasionally presented in Connecticut. Teacher Jeff Primack and 25 Instructors teach 4-days of Qigong Training (prior trainings have been $149). For more information, call 800-298-8970 or visit