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    Results based, Naturopathic Medical practice.  Area of specialization is Naturopathic and Integrative Oncology.

    Some people arrive at a profession by choice, others are chosen.  When the bonds of love are severed by a debilitating disease, one is at best to stand still and listen to the message within the tragedy.

    The human spirit is an energetic entity, the system of cellular communication is based upon energetic signals.  Dis-ease of the body is attributed to an interruption in the signaling system, misfiring of signals, or reversal of electrical charges.  The underlying cause of this disruption of signaling occurs with disharmony of all facets of the human existence- Physical, Spiritual and Mental-emotional.

    Adonai Optimal Health and Wellness is a result- based practice.  The focus is centered on restoration of healing of the individual hosting the disease, and not the disease itself.  When all the “host” factors are identified and removed, healing occurs, this is an innate principle.  All aspects of the human existence are addressed.  The absence of a unidirectional thought process is imperative in restoring optimal health, and is the foundation of the scientific method.

    Scientific research and evidence based medicine aligns the health of the Gastrointestinal tract as the origin of almost all disease presentations.  Human cells are outnumbered by microorganisms.  This concept is called the microbiome.  Humans benefit from these microbes, in fact the energy source of all cells, the mitochondria, was once considered to be a primitive microbe.  When there is homeostasis, or harmony between beneficial bacteria and potential pathogens, we have health; however, when there is a disruption within this ecosystem, the immune system, nervous system- “Brain-Gut-Connection, and Hormonal system is directly negatively affected.

    What value would you place on your health?  Empowerment through education and environmental awareness is the beginning of the healing journey.  Obstacles to healing result when we implement “Human Segmentation.”  The head is not separate from the body; The spiritual not disconnected from the physical.  As the physical requires nourishment, so does the spirit, as does the mental emotional component of the human existence the disruption of harmony can begin as early as conception throughout the existence within the womb, and after birth.  The energy of the mother, affects the child, and vice-versa.   Adonai Optimal health and Wellness, LLC, begins at the foundation of life: Embedded in the principles of Naturopathic medicine: First do no Harm; Harnessing the healing power of nature; Removing the obstacles that serve to hinder restoration of health; Doctor as teacher (The people who seek our help come to us with the ability to heal within themselves, we are at our best as practitioners when we acknowledge that our service is to assist, support and empower the unleashing of the healing spirit); Consider all aspects of the human spirit in generating a treatment protocol; and emphasizing disease preven

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