How many times have you berated yourself over the past 30 days (or even the past 3 hours) for misplacing your keys, glasses, cup of coffee or paperwork? Have you blamed the dog or your family for moving your things just to aggravate you? Even in these circumstances, you can shift to Positive Energy (+Energy) in order to enhance clarity and focus.

When you are driving and have a moment of wondering “where am I going again?” or are jolted into awareness as you drive by the gas station and think “That makes two of us running on the big ‘E’ for EMPTY,” you can shift to +Energy and master the art of timely self care so you feel less shaken and more fulfilled.

When you feel lost, disconnected, embarrassed or have energy-draining scenarios running through your mind… When you are ready to spew forth the hot-tempered agony of defeat… it’s time to engage in +Energy for the Depleted Soul.

Like your car, your body is a vehicle which needs fuel in the tank in order to run.  It provides messages letting you know when you are becoming depleted. +Energy involves making an investment, rather than expending your energy. It can involve the energies of time, money, attention, food, relationships, career… anything. You can either invest in the +Energy aspects of life or spend your energy like it’s leaking through Swiss cheese. Consider how you feel with every choice you make. +Energy, such as that used in an empowering statement (even a humorous one such as “When ‘I can’t’ calls, I hang up and call ‘I can…’”), helps you focus on making that investment and fills your “tank.” A negative focus, especially when oft-repeated, (e.g.: “I don’t have any time”) drains energy that could otherwise be used to fuel a more vibrant life.

Among the multitude of healing modalities that help with shifting to more +Energy are: acupuncture; coaching/therapy; Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); (guided) meditation; Reiki; T’ai chi/Qigong; time in nature hiking/walking/running; yoga; and, more. However, the simplest way to begin changing focus is to take a deep cleansing breath followed by a full exhalation in order to access clarity [oxygen to the brain] and intuitive guidance [from the heart]. To regain a positive perspective on your self and the situation, it can also be helpful to remember to ask and listen to “What energy must I shift in order to be, do, and have that which will help me feel better?”

When cultivating +Energy, it’s key to make healthy agreements with yourself. These are agreements that incur a stronger energy of relaxation and calm in your body, rather than stuckness or stress. Your heart feels open/loving and you have clarity in thought and voice. Examples can be: “When I start a meal, then I take three deep, cleansing breaths so I eat more mindfully, hence healthfully,” or “When I plan my week, then I include time to exercise/socialize,” or “When I answer the phone, then I smile because it makes me feel better and conveys a kindness to the other person.” The following “Seven Tips to Enhance +Energy for Focus and Flow” can also serve as a stimulus to the creation of lasting, healthy transformation to boost your quality of life.

  1. Affirm: “I am willing to move forward with the premise that: The way I treat myself teaches others how to treat me and how they may treat themselves.” 
    *Remember, when you agree to be responsible for the type of energy you exude in a place, relationship or circumstance, you make a difference by choosing to create +Energy flow.
  1. Trust: “I give myself permission to heal, to feel better by celebrating my best every day, even when that best is different, depending upon how I feel.”
    *Remember, when you internally honor your efforts great and small, you feel seen, heard and understood and create +Energy flow.
  1. Assert: “My choice to make and keep healthy agreements with myself and others is important to me.
    *Remember, when you commit to do, be, or have what brings you to a level of comfort with yourself, each person, or circumstance, rather than being attached to a specific outcome or unmet expectation, you create +Energy flow.
  1. Confirm: “I am committed to making and keeping healthy agreements with myself.”   
    *Remember, when you decide to come through for yourself, life comes through for you and you create +Energy flow.
  1. Believe: “When I make a healthy agreement with myself, I ask empowering questions, make uplifting statements, and take inspired actions, which honor those agreements and help me invest in my quality of life.” 
    *Remember, when you take time to be the observer, like an eagle above a storm, you get a fuller view from which to create +Energy flow.
  1. Decide: “I am now willing to make and keep healthy agreements with myself.”  
    *Remember, you benefit when you invest in yourself and others are more likely to invest in you, as well, thereby increasing +Energy flow.
  1. Declare: “In keeping healthy agreements with myself and others, I remain grateful for attracting people, places, and circumstances that also honor healthy agreements, thereby creating more +Energy throughout the world.”  
    *Remember, integrity is important.  As you honor healthy agreements with yourself, you extend this practice out to others and +Energy flows and grows.

No matter what life brings, may these tips help you both create a limitless flow of +Energy and invest in bringing greater clarity and quality into your life.

Holistic Coach Diane Esposito offers customized “Healing Arts Sessions” integrating practices such as EFT, Reiki with guided imagery, aromatherapy, chakra flower color therapy, holistic coaching, angel readings, and/or Reflexology. The first 10 readers to sign up for her October 6 Focus & Flow class (1-3pm, see calendar) will receive a complimentary bonus of 15 minutes of holistic phone coaching or 15 minutes more during a pre-paid private session. Esposito and Personal Harmony and Health, LLC can be reached at 203-913-3869 or