Project Description

November 2018


Five Mindful Techniques to Soothe the Ache of Seasonal Affective Disorder
Holistic Treatment of Arthritis and Joint Pain through Yoga and Ayurveda
Thanksgiving Desserts:
Plant-Based Pies for Every Palate
Healthy Home:
The Forgotten Key to Wellness
Organizing for a Healthy Home:
Clearing the Clutter for Space and Peace
Life by Design:
How Our Homes Shape Us
Eco-Fiendly Safer Sleep:
How to Choose a Less Toxic Mattress
Safe Drinking Water:
Home Systems to Purify H2O
Kristi Nelson:
On Why Gratefulness Brings Happiness
Clearing the Air:
Reducing Home Pollution Benefits Humans and Pets
Eco-Packaging  Progress Report:
Innovative Uses of  Pulp, Paper and Mushrooms
Waste No Water:
Communities Get Creative in Urging Conservation


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