News Brief Submission Guidelines

We welcome your news brief submissions and encourage you to take the opportunity to communicate your news to the wide audience we reach. Each month in News Briefs, we provide a balanced mix of news and community happenings throughout New Haven and Middlesex counties. They are subject to space available and other considerations such as our monthly theme, and need to have a broad appeal — if only a small segment of our readership would qualify or have an interest in attending an event, for example, we may not choose to publish it. We cannot guarantee publication in any particular issue and, if not used, a potemtial news brief may be resubmitted after six months.

Items must be emailed to us by the 1st of the month prior to publication. If they are event-specific, the event should occur during the month of the issue date. If, however, the event occurs during the first week of the following month, it’s a good idea to get the event in the month prior. If you cannot guarantee your event will take place, please do not send it.

News briefs are to be emailed as an attached WORD document, single-spaced, written in third person, with no embedded images. They are generally 150-250 words maximum including the details and contact information at the end. They can be three paragraphs total.

News briefs must have a news angle. They cannot be simply “Here I am and here’s what I do.” The news angle can be opening a new business, expanding an existing business, new training/certification, an anniversary special, special community happening, etc.

News briefs are not a substitute for advertising or calendar listings for all your monthly events/talks/workshops. The event must be unique or special enough to warrant a stand-alone news brief. If it is something you offer on a regular basis and is already widely known it probably belongs just in the calendar section.

A venue where numerous events take place each month, or a large practice with multiple practitioners giving workshops or talks each month is welcome to submit news briefs as long as they are spaced at least six months apart.

We reserve the right to edit news briefs and, because sometimes they need to be cut at the last minute during layout due to space limitations, we do not send proofs.

Please proofread your news brief for accuracy before sending. If an update is necessary, please resend the entire news brief with the change highlighted rather than sending an email requesting that something be changed.

Events must take place within New Haven or Middlesex counties.

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Thank You! We appreciate your taking the time to submit a news brief. Please let us know of future news items and community events you feel will be of interest to our readers.

Thank you for your interest in Natural Awakenings Magazine!
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