Multireflexology Dien Chan is an advanced clinical therapy that was founded back in 1980 in Vietnam by professor Chan. He treated many patients using a blend of endonasal and auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture). Chan developed the Dien Chan method after he identified different areas and zones on the face that worked with rebalancing the body’s chi, or energy.

Known as an alternative, holistic healing treatment, this treatment works on different reflex zones in the face, which are then stimulated to help return the body to homeostasis. Similar to foot reflexology and auricular (ear) therapy, certain parts of the body and imbalanced energies have been found to be reflected on the feet, ears and face. This treatment works with the yin/yangprinciples to help bring on total body and vital energy balance. It also takes into consideration the circulatory, endocrine, nervous, gastrointestinal and respiratory systems. Along with observation and examination, specific tools are used on different points of the face during an evaluation and therapy session. Using gentle pressure, identified zones and meridian type points are worked on, which allows the practitioner to comprehensively ask more questions and gain insight into overall health. As a result, when the areas of energetic imbalances are identified, stimulation to certain points can be given to allow balancing of chi energy.

Similar to acupressure, the body and organs associated with this type of treatment are guided with the help of a multireflexologist, who, over time, assists the client in maintaining the correct path to cellular health.

In today’s world, focus and sleep health have become the topic of many conversations. Along with all the high demands that life in general may bring on, we now have multiple facets of technology pulling at our sides, which can interrupt our sleep patterns indefinitely. As a result, there lies in the present worry of getting to bed and staying asleep. Too many people too often are giving up on the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation has now become normal, which is then compensated for with too much coffee and frequent medical appointments made for artificial sleep aid help.

Both mental focus and continued success are concepts that have been widely explored in relation to adequate sleep hygiene. If inconsistent and sporadic sleep patterns continue, so will mental focus, debilitating body function resulting in sickness and, often times, anxiety with declining health.

Whole-body, head-to-toe immune health requires us to have more mind-heart-body control. Multireflexology also works with the fascia, nerves and skin, resulting in a balance between any deficiency and/or excess. It is of vital importance to always remember that our bodies do want to stay healthy. With adequate time dedicated on learning a new awareness of our bodies, we can correctively identify cause, balance and support key components in our lives. Mind-heart-body energy can be lifelong with practice and commitment.

Multireflexology treatments have been proven to be most beneficial when combined with a variety of other holistic therapies, such as acupressure, Reiki, ear seeding, whole-body infrared detoxification treatments and Vibroacoustic Sound therapy. Multireflexology treatments are recommended one to four times a month depending on the results of an evaluation and determination of need by a practitioner.

Amy Platt is a physical therapist, neurofeedback practitioner and a registered nurse with 25 years of experience and certifications in cupping, acupressure and hypnotherapy. Connect at 203-533-5005, or

Gabriella Connolly is a neurofeedback practitioner and a registered nurse with over 25 years of experience. She is also a Reiki, yoga and tai chi practitioner. Connect at 203-533-5005, or

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