In a world of injectables or fillers, there is so much more to the skin care industry, especially when it comes to holistic skin care. However, not all natural products are created equal; some are still filled with questionable or unknown ingredients. Those that are looking for more holistic alternatives show concern with the long-term effects of potential toxins being released into the body. More companies are starting to remove harsh chemicals from their products.

What is the trick to great skin without going under the knife or the needle? Great skin starts from within and with consistency. What we topically put onto our skin will naturally be absorbed into it. It is therefore important to maintain a daily and nightly routine.

As our skin cells regenerate every 28-30 days, it is also recommended to receive a facial every month. Our cell turnover slows down as we age, which is what results in dull-looking skin. Fruit enzyme peels can be offered by a trained esthetician; it is good to at least do this seasonally. A good esthetician can help save money and time as well as provide relaxation on a monthly basis.

In holistic and Ayurvedic skin care, an esthetician often will read into a clients dosha. Doshas can vary depending on what a person is experiencing in their life or sometimes the changing seasons. Usually, doshas remain pretty consistent with a client’s personality. Staying away from certain foods and activities will not only affect our everyday lifestyle, but it will show up in our skin too if we aren’t treating it nicely.

Ayurvedic skin care focuses on not only balancing a person’s skin type, but their overall health as a whole. Most holistic or Ayurvedic estheticians will provide an in-depth consultation prior to starting any service in order to know how to proceed with treatment. Natural skin care products and lymphatic facial massage with special techniques—such as using natural neem or grapeseed oils—are used frequently in these services.

There are some tips to bring up with an esthetician or with an Ayurvedic skin specialist.

  • Skin/Dosha Type: It is important to know the skin and Ayurvedic dosha type, which can be determined by a professional consultation.
  • Diet:It is important to know what is going into the body and if there are food sensitivities. Food intolerance can show up on our skin; it is often is the first sign of an intolerance. Also, the skin will naturally show signs of depletion if we are eating a diet full of refined sugars and junk instead of fruits and vegetables.
  • Honoring genetics: Sometimes it is in the genes. Although some things might be genetic and not reversible, we can be aware and slow down the process. A simple way to do this is to stick with a routine. One thing to avoid is wearing makeup to sleep; it can reverse the hard work for up to two weeks, causing more buildup and slow down cellular turnover.
  • Listen to an esthetician: Skin care doesn’t have to be stressful. It is important to know the ingredients we put on our faces and follow an esthetician’s instructions on proper use of the products we are choosing to use at home. Change products with the season and try not to use expired products. This is especially important when using natural products as they can become rancid or can ferment; this causes the product to not perform correctly. If something isn’t working after a month of use, talk to the esthetician about changing it up at home or upgrading in the treatment room.
  • Start simple, add later: It is uncomfortable to leave the room after a treatment or be in the middle of one only to have multiple products pushed on us to buy, especially when we don’t know what they are for. An esthetician should give a basic idea of the product and benefits. When in doubt but still needing a new skin care system, pick three basic items (i.e. cleanser, toner, moisturizer).
  • Sun Care: It is important to wear sun protection. It should be applied 15 minutes prior to sun exposure and then re-applied on a regular basis. Zinc is the most natural sun blocker as well as wearing sun hats. Be wary of chemicals in purchased sunscreens.

 Lose the stress

Stress and exhaustion are the first things noticed if someone is to look at another person. The most important thing is to fill our bodies with food that is nourishing the soul, meditate to calm the mind, exercise to rejuvenate the body, and do things that bring joy and love. It is a plus to find an esthetician that not only practices holistic skin care, but is also familiar with other holistic modalities.

Consistency is key

If we are looking to steer clear of the needle, great skin care must be practiced on the daily. Not only will selecting the correct products for our skin help rejuvenate it, the proper cleaning and massaging techniques twice a day will help eliminate toxins from underneath the skin.

Our holistic skincare journey should be exciting; it should make us feel good about ourselves. It should help us re-evaluate not only our skin needs, but our spiritual journey as well.

Justine (Jussie) Weinberg has been an esthetician and lash specialist of 13 years. Her treatments incorporate modalities such as medicinal aromatherapy, crystal healing and Reiki. Connect at