The ability to feel your truth and hear your wisdom can be such a struggle. You can feel when something is off, when something is not right. Why is it difficult to connect with your internal wisdom? How do you reconnect with it?

During infancy and throughout childhood, children are trying to understand the environment and survive in it. Unless they are taught and given the opportunity to use their internal navigation system, children will create other ways to survive in their environment. Whether it was with loving parents in a safe environment or abusive parents in an unsafe environment, children create ways to survive.

As a child, emotional pain is unbearable. They do not have the physical and mental development to process this pain. A child’s body builds a defense to protect against danger. The way it determines what is danger is by feeling. If the body at a young age has a feeling that does not feel good, and is not given the opportunity to process it, the body will create a defense to protect itself from feeling it. These emotions can be anything that was traumatizing during childhood. It may even be mild, yet consistent emotional pain.

If, for example, a child’s parents had other children to attend to, had to work two jobs, or were incapable of emotional connection, the child may have felt emotional pain. These feelings could have been abandonment, loneliness, shame or emptiness. As a child, these feelings do not have words and are intolerable; they create ways not to feel them.

Growing up, the body keeps this defense structure; it may serve and support a child for a long time. It may be the reason a person finished college, why they are successful or be a reason for the state of a person’s health or comfortable lifestyle. Yet, at some point, this defensive way of interacting and responding in the world is no longer working. Although there may have been successes, there may be struggles with different aspects of life such as trusting, intimacy and connecting with others.

As an adult, instead of feeling your truth and hearing your wisdom, you are guided by a body still defending itself from an environment that is not the same and a belief system that may be outdated. You are not allowing the body to feel emotions and process them. These defenses that served you so well during childhood are now keeping you from hearing and feeling your internal wisdom. Your body is continuing to protect you, yet keeping you disconnected from feeling your truth and hearing your wisdom.

In order to feel your truth and hear your wisdom, the body has to release this old defense system. It needs to release the feelings that it has been holding for so long. When it releases the emotions, you have to feel. Although this may be scary, you will connect with your body, feel your truth, and hear the depth of your wisdom.


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