The universe is constantly creating our form of life and propels us forward, which in turn makes our lives very challenging to live, and more often, to thrive. Our natural coping mechanism is typically to drive right through the storm with very little awareness. But it is precisely our awareness, our place in the universe, which helps us cope with universal waves and troughs. That is why applying the actions of intention are essential to navigating these universal truths.

Eckhart Tolle explains that we harness earth’s manifestation through the power of intention. Tolle asks the question, “What is the importance of manifesting things in your life, or creating, or is that counter-productive?” Tolle’s question creates the opportunity to learn how to create intention in our lives. Our universe allows us as people to identify, challenge and find our true paths by harnessing the power of intention.

So how do we know the best way to find our intentions and live them? One way is to take the living with intention quiz:

  1. Do my actions/thoughts help everyone in my life as well as myself?
  2. Will these actions/thoughts serve as a tool for growth instead of a weapon against myself or another person?
  3. Does withholding this information, knowledge or action represent a selfless instead of a selfish act?
  4. Does the idea/action grow from wisdom instead of fear or doubt?

The more you answer yes to these questions, the more pure the intention. Formulate your intentions based on your answers on the quiz. Develop the list over time and be flexible enough to change your intentions or the wording of the intention. Be gentle with yourself and your manifestations, make them realistic and incremental in order to live and use them everyday.

Setting goals is a good way to start your intentional life, but affirmation, performed daily, is a power tool to reach intentions. The more “yes” answers you have means the intention is clear. When intentions emerge that are pure and clear, your wisdom emerges. Your intentions can be about nutrition, exercise, stress management, personal and work relationships, finances, work, play, healthcare, life’s purpose and your spirituality. This is a sample list, but you can add what you would like to accomplish.

It is important to perform and live our intentions gently. Gentle performance is meant to slowly seed your intentions forward and make them part of your daily ritual, but not to force or make it so daunting that you lose yourself in the effort of intention and lose your path forward. Instead, start with one or two intentions and move forward, step by step, until it becomes second nature. You can’t change universal truths, but you can change your manifestation/intention to the universe. It helps make the change realistic and doable and makes your part of the universe a little more defined and less complex. Now, that’s change.

Here are some simple ideas for setting daily intentions.

  • At bedtime, while setting your phone alarm, read your written intention (maybe in the notes section on your phone).
  • If you use a daily planner, write it down on the first page by the calendar page.
  • Use your screen saver or background, a sticky note on the refrigerator or bathroom mirrors for reminders of your intentions.
  • A voice memo on your phone can be added to your music playlist for easy access.
  • Write several sentences about why this intention is so important to your daily life experiences, to remind yourself of your intentions for your authentic self.
  • Make these rituals part of your daily life to help navigate through a complex universe.

Our universal life’s mission is to choose to be loved, act with love, to honor friends and family and to be in harmony with our souls, intelligence (emotional and physical) and Mother Earth by means of intention. Your intentions through the use of affirmations provide you with life’s choice and act as “true north” principles for living through this complex life of today.

The universal challenge for all of us is to live consciously in the world, which requires choice through the act of intention. Our challenge is for us to figure out and to champion our better selves to live with intention, the root of our spirit. It is up to us to self-direct our spiritual path through in this chaotic and complex time by living with and through the action of intention.

Alexa Ferrucci, MBA, is trained as an Executive and Life Coach and lives with intention each day. Connect at or