The Graduate Institute
Accredited Non-Profit Graduate School
Offering Holistic Programs in
Contemporary & Emerging Fields
171 Amity Raod
Bethany, CT

The Graduate Institute is a state-accredited graduate school dedicated to promoting an Integrative and Holistic Worldview through the study of Health, Wellness, Education and Personal and Professional Transformation. Our vision is that an academic scholarship and education based on an integrative and holistic worldview will enhance a broad understanding of complex human issues, stimulate individual and collective awareness, well-being, and contribute to the betterment, sustainability and regeneration of community and society.

We are an independent institution of higher education: We provide transformative education based on an integrative and holistic perspective and specifically designed to enable students to reach their full potential in both their professional and personal lives.

We offer EXPERIENTIAL Learning & Support!  Learning doesn’t end in the four walls of our classrooms: Our faculty and administration are always available to guide and support students during their studies. We provide hands-on mentoring and internships for valuable training opportunities as well as potential career placements upon program completion.

During COVID-19 challenge, programs have been transitioned to virtual classrooms:
Bethany / Hartford / Trumbull / Milford / Middletown / Madison / New Haven

Tuition Gift From The Graduate Institute! 
As a thank you to all essential workers and everyone impacted by Covid-19, we are offering a $1000 tuition credit for MA Programs and an $800 credit for Sixth Year Equivalent Programs until October 30th for our Fall Enrollment! For more information, visit