Salt of the Earth Therapeutic Spa
787 Main Street South
Woodbury, CT

Here at Salt of the Earth, we embrace elements that support a life force for the human body: fire, water, air and earth. Mind, Body and Spirit work in unity, nurturing the whole self. Disruption of the delicate harmony of elements within the human body gives rise to disease. Salt of the Earth offers services to help you shift from imbalance, to balance.


Pre-therapy Room

Become settled in our Pre-therapy Area and mentally prepare yourself for your salt experience. Unlike traditional waiting rooms, the layout of our space provides a calm portal to the salt rooms beyond. This serene space also overlooks the Salt Family Room allowing non-clients to monitor younger family members inside.

Salt Family Room

Designed to allow children and supervising adults the experience and benefits of dry salt therapy.
Our Salt Family Room provides a whimsical environment where children can be themselves without the worry of disturbing other visitors. Young children are at higher risk of irritation caused by polluted air. “The Saltbox” can help expand their sensitive airways. Our salt treatment rooms are carpeted with a thick layer of crystal salt and feature a state of the art halogenerator to simulate the environment of a salt mine allowing for total immersion.

Salt Cave

Our Salt Cave has been sculpted specifically for adult lungs and skin, allowing intense dry salt therapy in a controlled and serene environment.

Our salt cave has been handmade by skilled craftsmen using Himalayan salt, wood and water. The floor is layered with white salt crystals. The walls are lined in Himalayan salt rock creating an oasis rich with negative ions, providing the ideal microclimate free from toxins and pollutants. Sit back in your zero gravity chair, pull up a blanket, close your eyes and breathe in the fine salt aerosol. Meditate in our cave and as you lie in stillness, feel the vibration of the salt, the healing sounds of our gong can take you to the sea, purifying your mind while promoting healing within, releasing tension and blockages within the body.

Salt Bed Chamber

Plexiglass enclosed dry salt therapy bed with a fully automatic and adjustable halogenerator for skin and lung therapy, emitting a higher concentration of salt in a shorter amount of time. This gives you the same effects of a full salt room session but in a more private setting.

Adjustable levels and concentration of salt particles provide an individualized and targeted specific session. Chromo therapy lights line the the heated tub along with a layer of soothing Himalayan salt crystals which ad additional negative ions and particles that enhance your salt therapy experience. Multi-functional partition allows isolation for skin, joint and muscle therapy from respiratory therapy. Sound therapy optional

Massage Therapy Rooms

Regain balance between body, mind and spirit. SOTES offers two spaces for Energy Healing and Massage Therapy. Both rooms offer healing methods generated from Earth’s oldest natural crystals. Our Amethyst Room is available for services such as NAET, BioMat Therapy, Reiki, Energy and Spiritual healing, along with our list of massage therapies. The Crystal Room also provides a calm, stress free atmosphere. Our Massage Therapists and Practitioners will listen to concerns and provide a session customized to your needs.