What you feed your mind is just as important as what you feed your body.

 What you feed your soul is just as important as what you feed your mind.

 What’s the difference?

Mindset is one thing; heartset is another. Both are equally important yet have different functions. Mindset deals with reframing the way we think about things, becoming aware of our patterns and reactions, and gives us the opportunity to tweak the way we communicate ourselves to the world. Heartset is aligning with our soul and being congruent with our words, thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs—the five energetic elements that create our reality. It’s about listening to and following our hearts to fulfill our greatest purpose and live a life that allows us to express ourselves in our most authentic truth.

These days there is no lack of toxins that we allow in our bodies; as we become more conscious of these things, we can clear them out, change the patterns and allow for an upgrade. We are not just talking about food, the news and people; we are talking about energy.

Trash energy is abundant and many of us empaths tend to absorb the energies of others who are around us. Think about feeling drained after being in a crowd, being around certain people, or even just grocery shopping. These energies we absorb become part of our “diet” of the day, and we need to take some time to sort out what’s ours and what we’ve picked up by just existing in the world on a daily basis.

We’ve all heard of the detoxifying cleanses we can do for our bodies to eliminate waste, heavy metals and other toxins, but how about cleansing ourselves of some of the energetic rubbish we take in? This is important especially for healers as our clients can sometimes drain our energy unconsciously if we’re not careful.

Here are seven ways to energetically detox from the day.

  1. Brush it off.Physically brush off the body with the hands and flick the energy off the fingers. Send it back to the universe to be recycled back into love. Fluff the hair too as hair is an antenna for energy and can trap bits and pieces of other people’s stuff. This is perfect to do in between clients or right before leaving work for the day.
  2. Cut the cords.During an encounter with someone or a session with a client, there is a shared energy field created during the interaction. Sometimes we can carry that energy with us unknowingly. Be sure to cut any connections by returning their energy to them and making sure anything given to them is done and can’t be siphoned out from us.
  3. Let it go.If we are hanging on to emotions or thoughts that irritate or upset us, we are perpetuating that feeling each and every time we think of it. Got cut off in traffic this morning and are still reeling about it at lunch? Remember that holding onto anger is like drinking poison and waiting for someone else to die. Keeping it in only hurts the body and brings down our energy, and constantly talking or complaining about it only keeps it alive.
  4. Take a shower. There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice shower at the end of the day to wash away anything that may have been picked up. Image the water as liquid light and allow it to run over the body, cleansing and purifying, leaving a layer of golden protection. Watch all the day’s troubles, challenges and sludge simply spin down the drain, and ask Gaia to help transmute the lower vibrations back into loving rain to nourish the Earth.
  5. Take out the trash.Noticing our own trash energy is integral to becoming more conscious and light. When we refuse to take a look at our own shadow, it can keep us in loop cycles that prevent us from attaining our next level. Sitting with our own stuff and truly allowing ourselves to feel and lean into it helps alchemize and unwind the energy. Everything we’ve ever experienced in life is stored in the body, so noticing where it feels tight, restricted, resistant or tense is a hint to where the trash is piled up.
  6. Sound cleansing.Using sound—whether it’s voice, gongs, singing bowls, bells, rattles, clapping or something else—does an amazing job of dispelling dense energy. Clearing a space after a session or even scheduling time to hop in a group sound healing can assist in removing anything we’ve picked up or wants to hang around in our fields that might not be ours. Sound is one of the easiest ways to cleanse as we all have voices and bodies we can use at any time to clear our space.
  7. Move and shake.There’s nothing like moving the body freely to music, engaging in quiet and focused movement of yoga or qigong, or even going for a hike in the woods. Moving the body allows for the energy to release and reset, bringing back the state of homeostasis (and not to mention feels really good).

Being conscious of what we ingest energetically throughout the day and making sure we eliminate the toxins will help strengthen our energetic bodies and fields. It’s important to nourish our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with love and care just as we would our physical body. By cleansing energetically, we help feed our soul with love and light, raising our vibrations and ability to serve the world.

 Katie Cavenagh is an energy alignment specialist and sound healer, located at The Red Barn in Durham and online at FeelYourLight.com. Connect at Katie@FeelYourLight.com.

Photo: Rido81/Bigstock.com