As the festive season draws near, each one of us is recalled to connecting with the heart. But how deeply is this practiced applied? Do we pay lip service to tradition, going through the motions while conditional feelings remain deep within? How ready to be and live love are we? Or are we caught up in what tomorrow might bring? A world so full of “stuff,” dramas of all kinds, pain and suffering around the planet, worrisome narratives, frustrations, and even anger and hate might be enough to convince us that celebrations and gratitude can be bypassed. However, what better time to open our hearts than now? It is now that our world needs love and much more; it needs forgiveness, compassion and gratitude, in a continuing process.

Love heals, rejuvenates and unites. This supreme energy overcomes all ills and evils. Yet, have we as humans understood love in all its aspects? True love is unconditional and knows no separation. It comprises all the most beautiful qualities of life. Love cherishes, cares and nurtures. Love is the compassion we feel for another, acknowledging their pain. Love is great gratitude for life itself with its opportunities to learn and grow. Love is joy and so much more. Above all, true love allows us to forgive, as without forgiveness love becomes conditional.

When we are truly loved, it is felt by those it is directed to. But how do we “love” another when we are ourselves caught up in fears and anxieties? It is these very feelings that alert us to the absence of adequate love toward ourselves: our own selves, bodies, mind, emotional and physical crave appreciation, and forgiveness. Our own connection to the heart is often compromised in this manner of conditional love. How can it be overcome?

Centuries of conditioning have certainly resulted in the separation of the realms of mind and heart. Yet, the heart contains 40,000 specialized neuro-sensory cells: brain cells that do not appear within the brain itself. Scientists are now beginning to acknowledge this fact that mystics and spiritual leaders have known for eons. Scientists now call it “heart brain coherence.” When the mind and heart are united, activation of these specialized cells occur, enabling these energies to be carried along the vagal (wanderer) nerve into the brain and spinal cord to all parts of the human body. When the mind and heart are united in great gratitude, love, compassion or appreciation, these are the energies that travel the circuit to every cell in the body.

Cell memories hold past feelings of unworthiness, destructive habits, fears and insecurities. As blasts of this powerful love are infused within them, they begin to heal and rejuvenate. A shift in frequency occurs within the body, raising its vibration considerably. This further results in shifts of mindset and attitude and so forth. Imagine what could be the result when multiple humans practice this, allowing the self to first raise its vibrations, and then through higher mind-sets and forgiving hearts send this phenomenal energy out to all humanity and into our world. Taking this beautiful energy to those “tentative or potentially testy” family gatherings become the first step in witnessing opportunities to accept, forgive and heal.

Simple does not necessarily imply easy, for one must make the choice and apply the will. However, the more they are practiced in full heart/mind consciousness, the more they become part of us. Unifying the heart and mind, adding the choice to forgive all those who have hurt us throughout time and space, and also forgiving ourselves, brings great peace. We can then take the next step of gratitude for all. As more and more individuals come into forgiveness, peace and gratitude, the world around must reflect this.

This simple meditation, if practiced for 3-7 minutes once or twice a day, will bring immense benefits. This is beneficial when used before difficult meetings or gatherings to bring harmony within.


  • Sit comfortably.
  • Close the eyes and turn the vision inward, to rest upon the heart.
  • Place one or both hands upon the heart, or place the fingers upon the heart, or hold the hands in prayer mudra, with slight pressure upon the heart.
  • Breathe gently and slowly, rhythmically: IN to the count of four; HOLD to the count of two; OUT to the count of four; HOLD to the count of two. (If this count is uncomfortable, do what is possible.)
  • Create within the heart, the feeling of gratitude, compassion or appreciation. Feel this emotion build up.
  • Continue this rhythm and feeling with attention on the heart for 3-7 minutes.
  • Open the eyes, place hands in lap and, after a few minutes, peacefully go about the day.


Annaita Gandhy, a spiritual guide in Middletown, Conn., conducts meditations, workshops and classes for healing and empowerment. Connect at and

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