“Good Vibrations,” an anthem of our youth by the Beach Boys in 1966, was the “vibe” of the times. The saying is common today but the meaning of vibrations for the Baby Boomer generation and their families is quite different now. The goal is still to be on the good side of the vibration ledger but when the “vibes” turn bad, it’s time to find a tuning mechanism to return us to health by resonating with the innate intelligence of the body.

For thousands of years, before the hospitals and medications of today, homo sapiens falling out of  healthy energetic balance and alignment turned to ancient methods of healing. Now it appears we are returning to the ancient arts to heal ourselves and our families. When the body falls into a state of disharmony or chaos instead of vibrating harmoniously and in a coherent state, we are out of balance. Pythagoras—known as the father of mathematics, geometry, music, harmonics and philosophy—discovered that we can assist the healing process by introducing sound and harmonic frequencies to the body. This would balance it and return it to an optimal state. That is how music as medicine was born. Pythagoras’ music principle of layered consonant intervals, spacing and harmonic ratios was designed to bring order to chaos and discord, which initiated a specific healing effect. This would allow alignment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Vibrational healing has been relied on for centuries to not only alleviate the symptoms of the malady, but to also find the root cause of the illness, which can often be emotional. This allows the energy, called qi or chi, to once again flow and power the cells in the particular part of the body to reset into healing mode. One of the reasons for new interest in this process may be the lack of side effects, even though some individuals experience a herxheimer reaction while they rebalance with the proper vibrational frequency. This shows that the healing process has begun and will subside in a short while.

It is not always easy to align this process with those searching for healing while still clinging to beliefs which question the efficacy of the method. The good news is there is an increasing amount of science and data available to support these methods, especially those developed in the quantum field. The simple explanation is that because everything vibrates at an assigned frequency and is a mathematical equation, determining the proper healing codes can correct the illness immediately. Applied in this manner, vibrational healing can be the quickest road to wellness.

It is important to note that the field of vibrational healing lives in an interchangeable world where the terms energy and frequency are often used to describe similar events. Albert Einstein stated, “Everything in life is vibration.” From that we have learned, even illnesses have their own vibration and frequencies. It was determined that this was the key to finding wellness, but in most unaccustomed ways. Einstein also had his challenges in explaining how electricity works for those who couldn’t see it but in time understood its power.

Vibration has a home in the 12 universal laws, which says, “Everything in the universe moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns. The same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires and wills in the etheric world. Each sound, thing and every thought has its own vibrational frequency, unique to itself. These vibrations offer a roadmap to returning one to health.”

The origins or history of vibrational healing are as varied as modalities themselves. As a global community, the wellness methods and secrets of ancient cultures have landed here in America from India, the Far East and Egypt.

When our bodies have become worn down and sick, it is because there are energetic blockages and imbalances in our glands, organs and systems. This can be the result of many factors, such as toxins, environment, stress and anxiety. Adjusting these vibrational trouble spots starts at the cellular level where the cells have lost the required energy they need to heal your body. Once corrected, these cells will return the body to better health, as they are designed to do.

There are many proven and some newer methodologies in the areas of vibrational healing. The most common are sound, light, color, aroma, Reiki, acupuncture, massage, flower essences, water, kinesiology, homeopathy, radionics, crystals, and even intuition through thought.

The higher the body’s vibration, the better our health, according to Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, who built the first frequency monitor to measure human vibration. He determined that the average healthy frequency of the human body was between 62-72 Hz. When frequency drops below those levels, the immune system becomes compromised. He further found that colds and flu start at 57-60 Hz, disease at 58 Hz and cancer at 42 Hz.

Sound is perhaps the most enjoyable methodology for us all to take part in, as is the warmth and power vibration that comes from the light source healing properties of the sun. The Beach Boys combined the two, along with water through surfing, and their music makes us happier with better “vibes” and higher vibrations.

Many cultures incorporated singing and chanting in healing processes by vibrating the vocal cords. Next, many discovered or invented other objects to initiate healing vibration and energy, including tuning forks, gongs, didgeridoos, sound bowls, binaural beats, and various types of drums and musical instruments. This category also includes essential oils and flower essence; they help to raise our vibration out of the frequencies where illness lives.

With more scientific means of measurement and technological advancements, there are many new devices that play in this arena. These are additions to ancient healing practices that marry the wisdom of the past to newer delivery models of today. As always, due diligence is encouraged as the body is the finest healing device ever developed; vibrational healing intent should be to assist our own process by removing energetic blockages that starve the body and its life-affording energy.

Some popular devices are the Rife Frequency Generator multiwave oscillator, Chiren/biophoton light therapy, scalar wave technology, BEMER mats, aura imaging and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), to name a few.

Vibration, like so many things, has mirror and yin/yang energy; it can heal or harm through thought and intent as proven through Dr. Masaru Emoto’s study of how thoughts directly impact on our environment. His work with water crystals proved that positive energy produced desired results while negative thought or intent produced ugly outcomes.

Greg Madden is the director of the Xenia Wellness Center in Hunter, NY. He is a certified biontologist and has studied quantum medicine and tui-na medical massage. Connect at 508-579-7648, IllWellMadden@gmail.com or Biontology.com.