Top-notch athletes pride themselves on being in shape. When an injury occurs in these individuals, it is typically not due to a strength issue, unless there is a muscular imbalance. While exercise can eventually offer relief, this is not always the case.

In some severe injuries, the components (bodily structures) are jammed joint mechanics protected by muscles spasming to protect the joints or connective tissue, which are fascia tightening in response to the injury. Adding to the complexity of injuries, not all of the dysfunctional components are painful but still contribute to movement discrepancies or imbalances.

Human bodies are one functional unit, treatment is most effective when evaluating and addressing all major contributors to the injury and not just a single diagnosis, such as focusing all treatment on only the lower back for low back pain.

Two major components often ignored are the cranio-sacral system and the rib cage biomechanics or movement during the inhalation and exhalation phases of breathing.

Physical Therapy Services of Guilford LLC, located in Branford, offer two types of comprehensive evaluation and treatment for athletic injuries that can certainly compliment that of the athletic trainers. They also offer interventions for post-concussion, specializing in assessing the cranial dysfunction of the plates of the skull as well as the connective tissue protecting the brain.

Their goal is to help athletes avoid the use of pain medication, and restore mobility and function in order to continue playing the sports they love.

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