When we embrace the analogy of the human body as a vehicle and attend to its messages and responsibilities in a timely fashion, then we may open to limitless freedom for movement with joy. The chakras (energy centers of the human body aligned with the spine) and the physical body (protective framework) respond or react to our feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions or lack thereof in much the same way as our favorite car—responds to the way we maintain it. Blocks or malfunctions are reflected in the chakras, which determine the quality of the energy that sustains the battery, the vehicle it powers and its ability to afford us a smooth ride.

Some of us tend to focus on the outer aspect of our vehicles, overdoing the washing, waxing and primping, or simply overthinking what’s needed without responding to those needs with inspired actions. Others will simply apply the checklist method for rotating the tires, oil changes and regular maintenance. Many of us have several checklists with no checks; so this method may result in all, some or none of the vehicle’s needs being met. We then may tend to justify what’s been unattended to with excuses. Whether we have an overwhelming attraction to the vehicle’s physical characteristics or the inner workings, or there is inattention to either or all of the aspects, we will reap the consequences. The key is to check in and pay attention to vehicle (body/mind/spirit) as a whole and all of its messages on a daily basis.

This is where feng shui comes into play; like motivation for the procrastinator, it empowers us to focus and flow with what is most important. Feng shui, with regard to the seven main chakras, is a process of integrating thoughts and habits that promote the flow of [+] energy while releasing those thoughts and habits that drain our energy. One of the most effective ways we may begin the practice of feng shui for the chakras is to ask ourselves empowering questions, because we are apt to be more mindful and to take timely, inspired actions. This combination of awareness and action creates a more pleasant, stable and balanced journey, even in the midst of unexpected challenges or situations.

The question is whether we allow the ride of our lives to be negatively impacted by our lack of mindful responses, excessive overheating and a failed engine, or if we will choose to participate in the opportunity for a more enjoyable, comforting, and smooth-riding life. Whether we depend on warning lights and emotional red flags or engage in preventative maintenance determines the quality of the ride.

Here is where Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) comes in to reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress and enhance inspired thoughts and actions through acknowledging language and tapping on meridians or acupuncture points.

This process helps us to understand and respond with more clarity to the body’s messages. For example, consider the first, or root chakra, its corresponding color, red, and the aspect of vitality and movement it relates to. When we find ourselves feeling indifferent or enraged, those emotions drain and block us from our free-spirited movement with joy. When we use EFT, we may engage in feeling passionate and arrive at questions and statements that are rooted in love, rather than fear. We then tend to persist and thrive, especially when those questions and statements lead us to inspired actions and “habits that heal”. We feel the freedom and movement with joy of our well-maintained and smooth-riding vehicle.

Diane Esposito is an intuitive healing arts practitioner and owner of Personal Harmony and Health LLC, in Wallingford. Contact her at 203-913-3869. PersonalHarmonyAndHealth.com.