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Articles featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine cover a wide range of subjects in the areas of natural health, healing, inner growth, fitness and earth-friendly living. Do you have expertise that you would like to share? Send us your article for consideration. We are looking for original articles only. Due to the quantity of submissions, not all submissions are printed in the magazine.

We reserve the right to edit your article for style, length and clarity, and all resources and sources must be verifiable (please include footnotes for all cited sources). Please do not send articles with advertorial or other blatant self promotion. We are happy to include those in purchased advertisements! Length: 600-850 words (we may occasionally accept longer articles).

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2018 Editorial Themes

JANUARY  Vibrational Healing / Chiropractic Care
FEBRUARY  2018 Natural Living Directory / Natural Stress Relief
MARCH  In Your Backyard / Super Spices & Ethnic Cuisine
APRIL  Nature’s Matrix / Animal Wisdom
MAY  Women’s Health Issue / Natural Care First & Life-Balance
JUNE  Creating Positive Patterns / Natural Beauty
JULY  Nutrition Issue / Autoimmune Autopilot & Inflammatory Triggers
AUGUST  Soulful Parenting / Generational Healing
SEPTEMBER  Expressive Arts & Movement / Livable Communities
OCTOBER  Chronic Pain Guide / Joint Health
NOVEMBER  Health Defense Issue / Proactive Wellness & Healthy Home
DECEMBER  Spirit of Community / Reflection & Intention

News Briefs


Do you have news you want to share with the community? A new business? A staff member who recently became certified in a new therapy? A special anniversary or celebration? A discount offer or special? Let us know! Descriptions should be in 3rd person, non-advertorial, and include relevant information (who-what-where-when-why). We reserve the right to edit your brief for style, length and clarity, and all resources and sources must be verifiable. Length: 150-250 words.

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Events Calendars


See our Calendar Guidelines

Our calendars contain listings for classes/workshops, meetings, seminars and other events. These community event listings are $15 for up to 300 characters and spaces.

Display advertisers with 1/6 page and larger ads, and Community Resource Guide (CRG) advertisers with display ad receive five free listings per issue.

Display advertisers with 1/8 page or business card size ads, Community Resource Guide (CRG) advertisers without display ad, and Mark Your Calendar advertisers receive two free calendar listings per issue.

DAILY Calendar offers listings by specific date. Submissions should include: Event title, time, description, cost, location and contact information, in that order.

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ONGOING Calendar offers listings by day of the week, for events that occur on the same day each week for a minimum of three months. Submissions should include: Event title, time, description, cost, location and contact information, in that order.

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To revise or discontinue an existing ongoing calendar listing, please email Calendar@NaturalNewhaven.com.

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