The Universe is calling us. Have we heard the message? We are here for a purpose and a reason. Part of the game of incarnating on earth is to find our purpose, passion or gifts, and to create it. Since the earth plane is dense, it takes a lot of spiritual muscles to create that outcome. Many religions have information on how to live our lives purposely, but unfortunately the tarnish of many of the major religions over the past several years have left people looking for different ways to understand the universal dialogue and to live life more spiritually. Spirituality seems to be that new way to evolve our souls. What exactly though is spirituality?

Our spirit is the energy inside of us that is our guiding force. It is our life force, our soul that is connected to the universe. This soul energy is what people call our spirit and fuels are emotions. These feelings are energy in motion, or e-motions. Our thoughts, feelings and words push the emotions into happiness, love, truth and joy. It is our thoughts and words that create much of our outcome and help guide our spirit. When we listen to our spirit, we listen to our own spiritual nature and thus create spirituality. Our spirit is that quiet voice, and those intuitions and nudges that lead us down to a more fulfilling life. We then make choices based on our feelings of right and wrong, and good and bad. Most spiritual paths are a self-creation between the universe and the soul, or through nature to create our personal practice. Spirituality is a self-creation with our own intuitive nature. Listening to our intuition, which is the language of the spirit and soul, becomes a regular practice to create our spiritual path.

There is a shift in consciousness with humanity. During the pandemic, many people had a long time to think and to figure out what is true for themselves, their families or their life. That awareness has pushed people to start creating new jobs, homes and outcomes. Through thoughts words and deeds, we are being taught that we are creating with the Universe.

First, what is the universe? The universe is a cosmic energy matrix in which we live. It is a living field of awareness, manifestation, creativity and life. Many people feel that the universe is the Divine. The Universe appears to be a living energy that, through the contrast of dark and light, helps us learn to make decisions from a higher perspective. As we make higher decisions for ourselves on a continual basis, we gain more and more light. Light is knowledge. We begin to understand the universe is teaching us all the time; we are growing and shifting through our choices.

The more light we give out, the more light we attract and evolve our souls. Enlightenment is being en-the light field. That light field is knowledge. When we gain spiritual knowledge, we make better karmic choices. When our light is brighter, we go to a higher part of heaven; that is a higher state of mind. So we get to a place where we have a lot of light; knowledge and the light will shine onto the darkness so we reside more in a state of truth. That light or knowledge than pushes away the darkness. When the darkness is gone, we have no interest in manifesting on a dark planet such as earth. We evolve our souls out of the cycle of incarnation back to earth, and we ascend.

This is why day by day, moment by moment, we are challenged to make higher choices. We are building a bridge to our ascension out of earth and to raise humanities consciousness. When one person has a field of higher consciousness and light, it emanates that out to the world and then others will follow by example. That beacon of light will be a guiding force to lead others out of darkness. The planet is being challenged to move to a higher state of being because the Universe is filled with light, not darkness.

Remember it is the stars that we are attracted to in the night sky. The stars represent the light in the darkness that will lead us to a higher state of being. When we look at the stars, that is a metaphor for us looking at ourselves, and being a light in the dark. That can be a teacher, healer or soul coach shining the light of truth to clients and seekers. Stars and planets also teach us through their various cycles of existence, such as in astrology. They teach us to learn and grow. The stars and planets symbolize our time here on earth through metaphors and symbols. When we realize the universe is set up to have us grow and learn by listening and dialoguing with its existence, consciously we will begin creating better outcomes.

Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW is a psychotherapist, intuitive and healer. She has a meditation and healer center, Conscious Creations, in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

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