Surprise is an experience—sometimes fun and sometimes not so much—that can boost self-discovery; however, it can also bring anxiety and stress. Living in the present “Age of Surprise” is searching for meaning and connection in an unbalanced world with its onslaught of rapid-change technology, climate upheavals and personal disillusionment. We need divine resilience now more than ever. To invite it, we need to truly connect with our soul, that deep consciousness within us that brings healing, purpose and resilience to our lives.

One tool to use to thrive in this “Age of Surprise” is to create a soul pod. It is designed to create intimacy and connection for our soul to experience its greatest desire—to be in a group with other souls who are fully present. By creating a soul pod, we automatically build an “energetic resilience tribe” for all members, including ourselves. This occurs because our souls are made of spiritual light, or the life force energy, that is the source of an all-powerful resilience. Coming together, the soul’s true super power is activated, bringing us peace, harmony and joy; answers to problems; and wisdom for life.

Step 1: Create a Soul Pod

Bring together three to six friends and/or family members with the purpose of giving each person’s soul a safe harbor to share feelings and concerns. Give the Soul Pod a name. Set a time to meet, in person, every week for a commitment of six weeks. If the people in the Soul Pod do not live nearby, use technology to meet. But, as much as possible, meet physically in one space because of the energetic field created by coming together. And we can create more than one Soul Pod.

Step 2: Holding a Soul Pod Gathering

It is recommended that the gatherings last 60-90 minutes. It is important to remember that this is not a social event; it is a highly purposeful, intention-filled gathering. Have all members sit in a circle. Place a white candle in the center of the circle. Each person should bring a crystal to place in front of them, close to the white candle.

Step 3: Set the Intention: To begin the Soul Pod gathering, recite together the following: “This Soul Pod is a sacred space for listening deeply and letting our souls express themselves. Our Soul Pod’s intention is to create healing, wisdom, connection and powerful resilience by supporting each other through change.”

Step 4: Share Feelings: Go around the circle, giving each person 5-10 minutes to share the issues they’re grappling with right now. Be real and talk about anxiety, stress, fears, hopes and more. The other people in the group should listen, and not try to fix or give advice. We’re simply the souls that are listening, each of us a witness to the human experience.

 Step 5: Empower your Soul’s Strength: After each Soul Pod member shares, the rest of the Soul Pod members state the following to the person who has just shared: “Beloved soul, you are not alone in this. I hear your anxiety. I hear your fear. I hear your suffering. I hear your struggles. I hear your heart. I give you my light. I fill you with my love and support. I send you the care of an all loving and healing presence. I hold you in the light of powerful resilience. You are safe. The light of your being is eternal. I hold you in the reality of this eternal light that your Soul’s purpose is manifested through joy and healing. We are with you.”

 Step 6: Appreciation: In this wrap-up and appreciation exercise, go around the circle and have each member state what they appreciate about the gathering, the other members and the experience they received. Finish with the group acknowledging and appreciating a higher power’s presence.

Soul Pod By-laws:

  1. Everything shared in the Soul Pod is private; it is not to be shared outside the group or posted on any social media.
  2. This is a judgment-free environment.
  3. No giving of advice or trying to fix anyone’s problems.
  4. Enter the Pod with kindness and compassion. Harnessing divine resilience by finding deep connection with our soul through the Soul Pod forms the foundation for building a meaningfully happy and joyous life. Resilience with conscious connection to the soul and all life becomes powerful resilience. Powerful Resilience cures anxiety and stress. It is what is needed to create miracles.

 Mystical visionary Deirdre Hade is the founder of The Radiance Journey and the co-author of The (not so) Little Book of Surprises. She and her husband, William Arntz, the creator of the film What the BLEEP do We Know!?, will be leading a retreat on Thriving in the Age of Surprise at Kripalu September 21-23. Connect at