The mind’s psycho-physical connection with our emotional and spiritual world is undeniable, yet very often ignored. To maintain a balanced mind, we need to consider a few fundamental factors that include the thoughts we cultivate, how we process our feelings, what we eat, and how much we move our bodies. The best way to integrate the different elements that affect our minds is to experience them through curiosity and self-discovery.

Eight Important Steps to Maintain a Healthy Mind

Imagination: Use Our Minds to Create

An imaginative mind is highly productive and allows creativity to be the uplifting factor in our problem-solving approach. To develop a creative mind, it is useful to spend some time imagining in detail the results of projects or ideas we are working on, making sure we engage in the pleasant feelings that our body is experiencing as we imagine positive outcomes.

Redefine Our Language

To develop and support a balanced mind, we must choose a language that activates higher energy frequencies in the body and releases our often self-imposed mind constrictions. To do so, it is important to adopt a language that is positive and generous with ourselves and others. This attitude will set a high vibrational level in our thought process and will help calm the mind’s chatter box when our inner critic awakens. Cultivating positive expectations is also a great mind setting to attract beneficial results in our lives and bring inner peace.

Empty Our Minds

A busy mind creates a tense body. If our inner chatter box is overactive, it could be a sign that the breathing is disconnected and our heart chakra is not open. Breathe deeply to slow down the mind. While exhaling, imagine thoughts going on a long written line in the sky and taking off inside an imaginary train. Repeat this visualization a few times to see how less frequently unwanted thoughts will surface.

Release and Relax

A tired and tense mind affects our moods and the perception of our reality, inflicting emotional and physical pain. Taking a bath with calming essential oils or listening to soft music at the end of the day is a great way to release the tension accumulated during the day; empty the mind and to make sure that each new day starts with a renewed outlook.

Massage the Scalp

If you had a long day and your mind is still racing, making it difficult to fall asleep, try massaging your scalp. Using the fingertips, follow instincts as to what areas to touch and press. There are 28 pressure points that extend over the upward brow, over the top of the head and down the scalp in a straight line through the spine. Massaging these pressure points—known as Bai Hui in Chinese and Governing Vessel Meridian—will restore mental energy and relax our inner organs, preparing us for a good night’s sleep.

Eat to Feed Our Brains

The brain cells only absorb water and fat. Make it a ritual to drink plenty of water and add to your grocery list a jar of grass-fed ghee butter. Spread it on morning toast to nurture your brain for the entire day; it helps to diminish cravings or low-energy crises.

Move the Body to Relax the Mind

When we spend hours sitting at a desk, it’s easy to disconnect from the body and to forget the benefits and the pleasure of being in touch with our stamina and physical strength. Choose physical activities that uplift your spirit, activate energy in your body and release your mind. Try sports that include socializing, such as yoga classes, dancing or hiking in nature with friends or family.
Create and Keep Good Habits

To support a healthy mind, we need to develop balanced and successful habits. As we try different experiences, do it without expectations; develop curiosity and observe how the mind calms down as we engage in new adventures, we can choose to adopt what makes us feel good and discard what doesn’t work. To build the consistency necessary to create new healthy habits, it’s useful to spend some time imagining and feeling the results that the new approach is going to create. It is Important to take in the pleasant feeling that our body is experiencing once we adopt a new habit to foresee the beneficial results that will affect our entire being for a long-lasting outcome.

Donatella Moltisanti is a sound healer, singer, Voice of the Whales channeler, divine intervention master, angels healer writer, holistic counselor and VitalitySoul Courses and Retreats founder. Connect at and