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Secrets and Benefits of Internal Qigong

What benefits does Qi provide and HOW does it accomplish healing? Say you’re a battery… and the Qi is the life force that keeps the battery going. When the juice inside is used up… the battery is lifeless. Qi is related to your lifespan. If people squander energy on ...

A Common Sense Approach to Weight Loss

Our diet and lifestyle play a big role in whether or not we are healthy with few exceptions. In medical school students are taught to identify disease states and how to target them. ‘For every ill there is a pill’ is often a common mindset. But the paradigm is shifting and ...

Investing in Your Spinal Health Today

Health is undoubtedly one’s greatest asset; without health, nothing else matters. It allows you to live out the quality of life you desire, fulfill dreams, enjoy hobbies, friends and family, and accomplish what you have been placed on this planet to fulfill. Unfortunately ...

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When You’re Smiling

Toby is a bad dog! He chews everything in the house, hides behind the couch when you come home and approaches very cautiously even when you try to give him a treat. Any loud noise freaks him out. Taking him to the vet is a nightmare of whining and peeing himself ...

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Veterinary Hospice Provides Conscious End-of-life Care

In 1998, Dr. Kathryn Marocchino of Vallejo, CA founded Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets, the nation’s first nonprofit devoted to home care of terminally ill companion animals. This is how the foundation defined animal hospice: “Animal hospice means seeing through ...

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Connecticut to the Rescue: For Horses

The majestic horse, strength and power personified, wins over the hearts of many—whether filling their iconic American role roaming free on the western plains or under saddle performing the precise and graceful “dance” of dressage. How can it be then ...

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