Here are the guidelines put forth by the national office, in Naples, Florida.

Editorial submissions related to natural or integrative health and green sustainable living are welcome.


All submissions are subject to edits for style, length, and clarity.

Authors can include a photo (300 dpi minimum; jpg format is preferred). Authors should also include a bio of up to 50 words with the submission. Please be aware your photos may not be used, however.

Normally, because of the deadlines, quick turnarounds, and the fact that edits may be made at the last minute when they cannot be shown to anyone, we tend to not share final copy with the authors. However, there may be exceptions to that policy given their length and the information (e.g. if we edit we may want to have them review for accuracy of information etc.).

There is no cost for submission of articles or news briefs.

Please stick to 1 topic, with perhaps 1-2 subtopics to support the main focus.

The topics should be informative and always mindful of the readership, rather than self-promoting. The promotion can happen automatically if it’s of interest to our readers.

You may write in third person or “we,” “us” or “our,” but not “I” or “you.”

Articles should fit within the Natural Awakenings departments, such as Healthy Kids, Natural Pet, Fit Body, Conscious Eating, Green Living, or Healthy Ways. Focus on what contributes to readers’ health and well-being. Articles used may be typically 600-750 words, though this may vary. Articles should be originals, not previously published elsewhere. NOTE: should an article not be published in the upcoming issue, we reserve the right to use it in future, unless specified by the author. DEADLINE: 1st of the month prior to publication (e.g.: Feb. 1 for the March edition).

All articles should offer relevant information, hope, healing, practical tips and benefits — how can our readers benefit? Any medical or health claims and scientific study results should be cited — writers can list additional resources in an italicized endnote. Authors should refrain from sending a depressing lists of symptoms and too many technical details of treatments (though it is interesting to give a brief description, for example, of what a session might include…), extended first-person accounts of life journeys or items of blatant self-promotion.

Proposed Article Submission Form

We appreciate your taking the time to submit a proposed article. Please let us know of future news items and community events you feel will be of interest to our readers.


Thank you for your interest in Natural Awakenings Magazine!

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