It’s no secret that today’s children and teenagers are stressed out, overwhelmed, and in need of some relief. This is the first generation to grow up truly immersed in the stimulus of technology, the pressure to succeed, and mounting global and environmental concerns. For kids, especially sensitive and empathic children and teens, this can be a lot to bear. Experts have many opinions on how to help kids shoulder these burdens and handle the overwhelm, but based on the combined experiences of teachers, intuitives, and Reiki practitioners, there’s evidence that working with the chakra system of children and teens holds the potential for transforming anxiety into peace of mind.

Root Chakra

Working with the root chakra can promote feeling purposeful, grounded and safe in the world. Nature is a true healer for the root chakra. Giving your kids time and space to be outside, run around barefoot and play can create a subtle yet powerful shift. The Earth’s energy can be felt if they simply place their hands on the ground, and the practices of earthing and forest bathing have become known as remedies to the modern dilemmas of too much electronic screen time.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra is the center of creative expression. Have you ever noticed a young child completely immersed in coloring or painting? Her sacral chakra is in alignment, placing her within the flow of her unique creativity. Give your children or teens the opportunity to make something with their hands–cooking and baking count, too! This energy center is all about free-form creativity, without the need to perfect a skill.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus is the seat of power. When a sensitive child has experienced a traumatic event, such as bullying, the death of a loved one or their parents’ divorce, they often hold it in their solar plexus, the space around the stomach. This can manifest as stomach pain and upset or can feel like a “punch in the gut” that doesn’t go away. The next time your child is upset, help them feel more in control by asking what they need, then offering it to them in whatever way possible. This allows them to identify their needs and advocate for them, a deep lesson for the solar plexus.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the center of love, close relationships, and safety. Creating a safe environment for an anxious child is critical and can help the child relax and feel nurtured and loved. You may want to carve out a space for them somewhere in your house that they feel is all their own. They can take ownership of this space, placing beloved items and pictures in it.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra focuses on communication and speaking one’s truth. It can be difficult for an anxious child to articulate their feelings, especially when asked directly. Instead, journaling can be a wonderful way for some children to express themselves. Writing down their emotions clears the throat chakra and may make it easier for them to speak their thoughts aloud to a trusted adult.

Third Eye

The third eye centers on clear knowing and intuition. Meditation is one of the most powerful ways children and teens can tap into their inner self—and that doesn’t mean just sitting on a meditation cushion in silence for an hour. A walking meditation or a guided visualization can help kids feel stimulated while also tapping into their intuition. You may want to ask your child what their body is feeling—this can open up pathways into their intuition that the mind would never find.

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra connects to a greater presence or higher power. Sensitive children and teens may not be able to articulate their connection to something larger than themselves, but it doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. In fact, sensitive children often feel energy in themselves, in others, and in the world around them. To expand this, children and teens can experience Reiki and other forms of energy healing that connect them with that expansive energy.

Tapping into the body’s energy centers can provide anxious kids with welcome relief. These practices were common among our ancestors but have slipped away in our modern day and age. By incorporating them into your family’s daily life, you can lay the foundation for improved communication and connection, which is critical for supporting sensitive children.

Shannon Marzella is an intuitive and a Reiki practitioner. She also has more than a decade of experience working with sensitive children as an English teacher in alternative school settings. She offers Reiki and readings for children, teens, and adults at her home studio in Redding, CT. For more information, visit

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