Conventional approach for treating Lyme disease is to prescribe any of a variety of antibiotics —orally or intravenously—in any number of combinations and rotations. Sometimes doctors also prescribe antiprotozoal drugs to deal with the cystic form of Borrelia bacteria and antimicrobial drugs to remedy the host of possible co-infections.

Many times high-dose antibiotics may be essential for treatment, such as when the myocardium is infected, when there is a rapidly progressing neurological disorder like ALS, or to suppress a serious infection as quickly as possible. However, it is also possible to treat and possibly cure patients with Lyme disease without antibiotics.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself and return to homeostasis. However, the greater number of insults to the body in the form of toxins, viruses and bacteria, the harder it is to return to balance. These toxins may include chemicals, toxic metals, pesticides, food additives, drugs, infections and even emotional stress. There comes a time when you may reach your toxic threshold. At that point, the organs of detoxification—like your liver and lymphatic system—become stressed and over-taxed. This is when inflammation, immune suppression and disease symptoms set in. The “final straw” may be coming down with the flu, getting bitten by a tick or suffering a major emotional trauma. From that point forward, it is not sufficient to merely treat the disease. You must address all those factors that are adversely affecting the body. Only then can you build up the immune system and restore health.

Not only is it essential to reduce the levels of toxins, but also it is also important to improve the body’s balance using supplements and a proper diet. Nutritional intervention focuses on making the body more alkaline and increasing both cellular energy and mitochondrial output. Most patients will benefit from a low-glycemic diet rich in fresh organic produce. Many people also suffer from hidden food sensitivities, such as to gluten. This should be tested for, and those reactive foods eliminated.

Carefully selected homeopathic and botanical medicines are also helpful. Homeopathic remedies can boost the immune system to more effectively fight some organisms and assist various organs in eliminating toxins. Certain remedies support the Krebs cycle and the liver and kidneys. Other homeopathic remedies aid the nervous system, bowels, skin and joints. The remedies chosen are tailored to the individual patient and may be updated on subsequent visits as organism levels change.

Botanical medicines include antimicrobial herbs specifically designed to deal with Lyme and its co-infections. These may be used so organisms avoid building resistance to the medications. They can also help the various organs eliminate toxins, including those produced as the multiple organisms die.

Oxygen therapies—and hyperbaric oxygen in particular—are quite effective at eliminating the Borrelia infection, improving cellular respiration and healing the blood brain barrier. While not all cases of Lyme require hyperbaric oxygen, it is a therapy that should be seriously considered for chronic cases.

While it is impossible to cover in one article, every method used for identifying and destroying the Borellia and its co-infections, it is worth noting that multiple approaches are available. There are also many ways of addressing detoxification, including using far-infrared saunas, ionic footbaths, lymphatic drainage massage and colonic therapy.

It is important to realize that it is not just the Lyme organism, which needs to be addressed. The entire body must be made healthy. Only by eliminating toxic influences and rebalancing the body’s chemistry through proper nutrition will our bodies avoid playing host to such pathogens. Using this comprehensive approach optimizes the outcome for patients with Lyme disease.

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