As the intense, transformative and unpredictable 2016 has drawn to a close, we wonder what the new year of 2017 is going to be like. While no one really knows what the future brings, it is interesting to look at a few different traditions and perspectives to understand what 2017 is bringing into our lives and our future.

From the perspective of the science of numerology, the year 2017 has the power of the number One. According to numerologists, the mystical properties of numbers influence everything in the world. The number One has the inherent vibration of new beginnings: the energy of the master, the director and the pioneer to influence our lives. This year is all about the power of the individual! It will not be about the masses, others or other’s opinions, but rather the power of one’s voice and one’s actions. The influence of the number One will allow hidden talents, ideas and projects to find their light and a path to be.

Ambition and action will flourish effortlessly. New and unique initiatives will become common; they will be supported independently because of the inspiration and courage that their energy will support within us. They will show up on a personal level using our leadership abilities and talents. Now is the time to invest in a dream or a business idea. This year’s energy will support us developing and expanding our interests, and increasing our status and recognition.

Passion, creativity, commitment and self-confidence is what we need as we walk on a path that supports us in our personal expression like never before. It’s our opportunity to shine, and without concerns about what others do or think. The year 2017 will call upon our star to ignite our light, for us to participate and to contribute to the whole, to learn new things, to perfect old skills and to be seen.

Another strong influence this year is brought in by the Fire Rooster from the tradition of the Chinese New Year. According to the Chinese calendar, the 2017 Fire Rooster will make its entrance on January 28 with the second New Moon, after the Solstice.

Excelling in the qualities of leadership and organization, the Fire Rooster is fully supporting the energy of the number One. Its characteristics include leadership, the ability to handle big tasks, efficiency at multitasking, high intelligence and a good sense of humor. The Rooster personality is being passionate about networking activities and supporting charities that will influence an active social life; it’s reliable, honest and trustworthy.

The number One is calling for Oneness.

Spirituality is also a big theme for 2017. One is the number of the Creator, Consciousness and Light. When multiplied or divided by itself, it remains the same; it is compared to the unchangeable and immutable energy of the Spirit.

Our Spirit will benefit from the number One vibration; like a silent and invisible supporter, it will help us, in spite of everything, to keep a positive attitude. According to the principle of the Law of Attraction, we will need to be aware of avoiding nesting negativity or pessimism in our inner space, so as to not feed or align with other people’s negativity. It will require a great effort of consciousness to maintain the desired frequency in our space and to influence the whole.

This is the year of a great spiritual evolution, a time to shine into a oneness that develops within, so as to spread without. Even though it looks like discrimination and separation wants to take place in our apparent social involution, we are called upon even more deeply to be a positive influence with our benevolent actions and personal expressions.

This year is calling us to own the right to show up and speak up, and to use our voices to make a difference in the world. The energy of One and the influence of the Rooster are here to rediscover the power of the individual. It is to support and inspire the leader within us, to know that everyone counts and every emotion is important, and that our attitude makes a difference in the big picture.

In spite of the rampant fear of social discrimination and separation, this year’s overall influence will support our approach to solidarity, kindness and brotherhood.

While the political and economical world may seem out of our control, the reality is that we can choose to step into action as the leaders of our lives and decide who to support with our dollars and our opinions.

In 2017, people will feel called to voice their solidarity towards the less fortunate. While stupor and powerlessness often took place in 2016, action, courage and an active expectation for justice will be more tangible in 2017. This is the year of action, free will and awakening.

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